Posted by: nastypen | July 10, 2007

Meanderings on a Tuesday Night Deluge

The weather in Manila is crazy. It was tombstone cold at dawn, early morning was met with a light drizzle, when lunch was approaching, it became insanely hot. Walking from the classroom to the faculty room was a leap from the arctic (thanks to the room’s aircon) to the sauna. Then, at the height of the afternoon heat, the building lost electrical power. At night, it rained hard. Shall I expect a hale storm later?


I wrote recently about a the coolest “sidewalk vendor.” He was there again and I bought Albert CamusThe Plague for 70 pesos! He and I discussed for a bit. He had a hand painted shirt with the face of Nietzsche and one word: ubermensch (super man), an ideal Nietzsche aspired for. He remembers me as the guy who bought The Perfume Garden.

He told me that his customers did not really come from the nearby universities but lawyers working at or going to the Department of Justice or at the Supreme Court. He shared that he is selling off his library to gain capital for a business venture. He wants to set up a stall at the University of the Philippines Diliman that would sell used books.

Well, I shall support him. I will return to his spot by the waiting shed and see his goods. I saw Plutarch‘s Lives (short biographies of the famous people in antiquity like Alexander the Great), Henry Miller‘s Tropic of Cancer (VERY raunchy book…banned in the States for it was deemed as pornographic at the first half of the 20th Century), and books like the Fall of the Roman Empire. I have not seen a title worth more than 90 pesos.

He and I even spoke of James Thurber and how he admired how Thurber would inject humor into his essays. He even discussed his dream of producing a graphic novel.

At the tail end of our short discussion, we had an exchange of thoughts on post-modernism. I told him that can never have a proper definition… that it is not some word that has an assigned accessible meaning in the dictionary.

Literature. Thurber. Post-modernism. Protest art. When was the last time you had these discussed with a “sidewalk vendor?” Goodness, i love it when I meet interesting people.


I just got off the phone with Bridget Jones and Addie. Bridget is there to conduct some trainings. I asked what he is wearing and it was an ensemble worthy of diva applause. Blue checkered pants, white socks, black canvas shoes, light blue shirt with white belt…. and I am sure flambeau hairstyle, too? you, go girl, go on “mildly” shocking the people in Cebu. when Addie flies to Manila and if you are here, too, let us meet up again.

Bridget and I gabbed on for several minutes about divahood. We even discussed Biba’s predicament of unrequited love. I wanted to tell Biba to invest in a potent gayuma (love potion) for his prospect boyfriend already!


Went to the University of the Philippines today. Had a nice dinner there at Chocolate Kiss at the Bahay ng Alumni (Alumni Center). there was a concert going on for freshmen. They do it in segments, now. Before, it was just one big-ass university concert for freshmen. The freshmen from the colleges of architecture, statistics, engineering and science were there. Sadly, the seats were not filled. I thought, “They have seats now?! I had to stand and be crushed in the crowd back in the day.”

One act almost made me lose that nice dinner. It was a duet. This girl is dressed like a matador as imagined by a drunk drag queen. She and her partner were belting songs like “Somewhere out there” and “Beauty and the Beast.”

What the fuh?!?!?

They’re serenading the freshmen with songs from cartoons about singing immigrant mice and dancing teacups these days? If only for this atrocity, I am glad to have entered the university at the vital part of rock and roll in the 90s. Jesus. Beauty and the Beast?! If they started singing from High School Musical, I will hurl chairs at the stage.


Normally, you wouldn’t see me queue to watch a play with a religious theme. However Dulaang UP is showing Pasyon ni Kristo, a Tagalog version of the Passion of Christ (No, not from that movie but “Based on the Wakefield Cycle of 32 Mystery Plays, “Pasyon” retells the passion of Christ from His baptism in the river Jordan to His resurrection.”)

And my premise of watching this basically delves into the foray of sin. I just took a closer look at the poster and saw that Judas will be played by Neil Ryan Sese. Hooo, boy, that man is so intense, I allow him to sexually assault me anytime he wants. hahahah. As if. First time I saw him was in 2002 (or was it 2003?) as he was one of the leads in Dulaang UP’s take on the Kabuki performance of Kanjicho.

He is one of the reasons why I hauled my ass off to watch Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros at a cinema.

Now he will portray Judas….. be still my sin-ridden heart.



  1. sidewalk vendor? baka mamaya fairy godmother na pala yun…wish kayo sir chong!

    (segue: friday ha hehehe)

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