Posted by: nastypen | July 9, 2007

Please, God, Let it Be Friday Already

It is Monday night and I am so drained. I had three full lecture classes today. My throat is starting to hurt again. So, I shouldn’t use my voice until I have to
…like I can use it at about 11:30am tomorrow when my first class starts.

The day at school ended frightfully with a “situation.” I went to the library to collect a book when I saw this crowd milling about the door. I just went in only to see a group of librarians talking to this young lady.

She had her hands at the side of her head, she was staring intensely at nothing. The librarians were speaking to her in a calm but firm tone. Another young woman approached her and she looked up gave a wide smile and said, “My blockmate! I came from there (points to the ceiling)… I am not blasphemous, right?!” To which she just shook and started crying.

Oh hell no. In all my years in this system both as a veteran student and a fresh member of the faculty, I have never encountered an actual nervous breakdown from a student. And there I was with a ringside view. She threw a quick glance at me and her eyes were so pained and confused. the librarian tried to touch her to smooth the strands of her hair. She started yelling, “I’m a good person! I’m a good person, right?!”

I just got my book and left.

Other faculty members pieced the story of this poor young woman. She is a third year student and she has had a tiff with her professor. Some even said that she also has family problems and she just snapped.

What a snap it was. It all started when she sang loudly in the library. She was shushed but she yelled. Allegedly, she stood on the table and started kicking chairs and books. there were some chase scenes in the library. Some students mentioned she was yelling that she is holy…that she is the Virgin Mary. She was eventually restrained, laid on a stretcher and brought to “Ward Seven.”

Poor girl. I can feel her frustration and a sense of giving up in those nano seconds she glanced at me. I actually looked away avoiding her penetrating gaze and groaned, “It’s only Monday?!”



  1. woah..poor girl..:(

  2. It seemed that the girl you cited can represent me… or naunahan lang niya ako?
    I hate this day… no! Let me rephrase that… I hate the world today… and for sure the coming days pa!

    “I’m a good person! I’m a good person, right?!”

  3. In all my years at UP Manila (1992-1995), I have witnessed two nervous breakdowns, one librarian meltdown, and one outdoor heart attack.

    The breakdown that has stuck with my mind all these years is the one featuring a girl, a dorm resident, who calmly walked around the reception room of the dormitory sans pants or panties.

    There’s a thin line between genius and madness. Some people cross it.

  4. Is it scary that I can relate to her? hehehe

  5. Sharon, it’s not scary… all of us CAN relate to her… admitting or denying that one is another matter.

  6. may narinig na rin ako na ganyan within tha ttimeframe din pero hindi ako sure if that’s the same girl… the girl this time was saying that she was from 1907 or something like that.

    i heard this kina daniel and mary kasi sila mismo ang nakakita ng nangyari. i was thinking that she probably got possessed but nervous breakdowns could be the culprit

    pano naman kasi, a certain department (shall not name this department) that has this reputation of being the most evil department in all of u.p. manila. malamang nadale siya ng dept na un.

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