Posted by: nastypen | July 1, 2007

Show Me The Money!!!!


My blog is worth $18,629.82.
How much is your blog worth?

This blog is worth that much?! Hey, I have no delusions of becoming Donald Trump so just show me the money and I shall be on my way.

Isn’t this an interesting bit of status symbol for your blog? Faye jokingly said that she is not dating a blogger whose blog is worth less than her own. This could be like one of those “who has a bigger dick?” contest.  And yet we have another potential creepy pick-up line “Hey, girl, you know how much my blog is worth?”

Bitch, please.

I will only take this seriously if and when $18,629.82 is spewed into my keyboard.

I am staring hard at the computer monitor now….willing it to magically toss me a cash bundle. I’m getting a migraine.



  1. Hehehe.

    I have evaluated the blogs of certain exes.

    Let’s just say I don’t want to slum it anymore.

    It will be first class bloggers for me from hereon.

    Someone from a buena blogger familia. Hehehe.

    Tell me, shall a WordPresser mingle with a Blogspotter? Nyahahahaha.

  2. Jose and I used to be a blogspotter. Oh he WAS but I am still using one 😉

    Wow! if that’s how much your blog is worth… I wish it’s really convertible to cash 😀

    Hmmm… shall I post mine? It’s really quite low…

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