Posted by: nastypen | June 30, 2007

A Few Nips and Tucks

I wrote once that I am dangerous when I am bored. Well, I just found out that I am more dangerous when I am bored, stressed, tired, and busy. No. No. I am not bored with my new paradigm shifted career. Hardly! I am bored in a sense that I am so caught up with adjustments that I have no strength, no drive to blog as of late.

So, I decided to tweak this blog.

Before, I would use photographs for my header image. I ventured back into my old antics in graphic design. To keep the blog look cohesive, I decided to have a mostly blue header. It is a combination of two images. The waves are appropriated from the 19th Century Japanese prints made by the fantastic Hokusai. The woman in the middle is Debbie Harry, the lead singer of 70s punk band Blondie. She occasionally acts.

I got this from a screen grab of a scene in John WatersHairspray in which she played the villain. I always have a soft spot for cruel bitches with fabulous wigs.  With Photoshop, I tweaked the images.  Debbie Harry, I employed the high contrast pop culture iconography Andy Warhol popularized.  If only I can print this on a shirt, I would.  “Tidal Diva” is a title I toy around with.

So, I have to stop now. I will return to my readings for my class tomorrow.



  1. This is a damn good design bai. Much better than the last one.

  2. I love your header! Especially the wood prints…

  3. Nice template/design. Lighter feel Ü

    LOVE IT! 😀

    Btw, how’d you do the PICTOGASM section? Ü

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