Posted by: nastypen | June 24, 2007

Things That Gladden My Heart in a Mute Existence this Hot Sunday

I still cannot talk. Oh well. Looks like this affliction will last a few more days. I have a contingency for my classes: Film Showing. Damn. I hate destroying my schedule but you can’t argue with mother nature.


I selected a movie to be shown to my students. I asked my sister of the implications about showing a film with adult content to my students, some of which are still 16 and 17. She sees no problem with it considering the following: (a)Academic freedom and (b) The students are UP students so they better expect a more dosage of liberalism on campus. Of course, I am not going to show them porn. I’m showing them one of the best movies I have seen in my life… which so happens contains a nude scene or two.


Censorship will be a great topic of discussion in my class. Now, if only I can talk again.


I’m listening to White Stripes‘s latest album Icky Thump. I love it. I love the fact they went back to the basics. Their recent album dwelled on experimentation, which I welcome, but it’s great to listen to their old sounds once again.


I saw my old set of speedball pens. My goodness. This set was given to me as a graduation present by my mother. My elementary graduation, that is, during the Corazon Aquino years! Well, I’m glad because I can draw in pen and ink in a matter in which I dip the nib in an inkwell. This process truly gives me joy.


I watched a lot of great films over the weekend. I would have liked to work on some rackets but I was told to relax. So, for the first time in months, I had a movie marathon ranging from Judy Garland and her orange bangs in Meet Me in St. Louis to Catherine Deneuve as a seemingly frigid wife who has a double life as a prostitute in Belle Du Jour. I just love films…. they’re better company than a lot of people.


In a strange twist, I kind of enjoy being silent. Maybe this is my natural state. I remember stories of when I was an infant, I was so silent and would stare unnervingly at people that they thought I was autistic. It’s so not me to be unable to make a snide remark. Oh well. Deal with it. I like the silence. But then again, I don’t earn from shutting up. ahahaha.



  1. It is my firm belief that silence is golden only in select moments. It ain’t so great when your livelihood or sex life is disrupted by it. Hehehe.

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