Posted by: nastypen | June 14, 2007

This is Where My Taxes Go…

Oh, the Ruffa Gutierrez thing is getting slightly out of hand.

Now, she has asked the Philippine National Police (PNP) for police escort and protection because her Turkish husband has allegedly threatened to kidnap their children. So, the PNP gives them three policemen.

I am just gladdened that the taxes I pay oh so willingly get used in this sort of situation.

I mean, judging from Ruffa’s mom’s voluminous jewelry, her brother’s multimillion endorsements, hell, even Ruffa’s financial caches, these people can afford to hire private bodyguards.

But no.

These people are using resources provided for from the taxes that are siphoned off from my salary, purchases and all of my monetary dealings. So.

Is it justified that this marital spat that has crossed several timezones merit the use of a public insititutions? Absolutely. After all, assuming Ruffa is still a Filipino citizen, she has every right to the public institutions at hand.

My problem is this….

A Filipina wife could be battered right this very minute, or a rape has just happened, and where is THEIR police protection and assistance? Judging from her shows and TV ads, Ruffa has more than enough financial backing to hire private help. Meanwhile the rest of us are just hostaged to a generally inept police force simmering in their own fat of alleged corruption and abuse.

What national significance does Ruffa and her children have to merit such special attention from the PNP? The police has not solved extrajudicial killings, and here they are going on television stating that they offered protection to an actress that cannot act.

In a banana republic run by simians, this absolutely makes sense.




  2. pathetic naman. nakakainis
    ika nga nila…imbyerna!

  3. Sounding like Ruffa… “Like… Maaoooom…eiw!”

    Sakayan lang sa publicity… wala nga lang isipan… BWAHAHAHAH!

  4. Not as much publicity if she just silently hires her own bodyguards, right? What mileage can she get by just announcing she has hired bodyguards? No, she has to go to the PNP because they’ll obviously want to be interviewed as well. Additional publicity? Have Anabelle pick up the bodyguards herself. What an effin farce.

  5. Will Ruffa give us the solution to world hunger? Will she help me get my paycheck on time? Will she discover oil in Quezon City?
    I rest my case.

  6. To Yilmazzen, your comment is at least eight times longer than my actual blog entry. I think you better set up your own blog and just comment here and add the link to your analysis on how ruffa came to be like this.
    The point of my blog entry here is not to attack ruffa. It’s to attack the sheer absurdity of the situation that the police is involved in such stupidity. While I think your enumeration of Ruffa’s actions in showbiz is bizzarely detailed, I don’t really care whether “Ruffa was born to Parents who at that time eh namumulubi sa States where they migrated for a better life sana.”
    What I do care is that public funds are being misused in a scandal that should have been dealt between a warring couple behind closed doors and not make it into somekind of a goddamn media event.

  7. Ruffa, if you or your fans are reading this…I have a suggestion.

    If indeed you are a victim, please empower yourself now. You have two daughters who need you to be stonger than ever.

    Go to college, please. Enroll in a Feminist Theory class. Sayang naman your height. Sayang naman your beauty. Sayang naman your jewelry.

    Suggestion lang.

  8. Honey, silently hire bodyguards? Ruffa? Ruffa and silence don’t mix.

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