Posted by: nastypen | June 14, 2007

First Day Fly

I know. I know. It’s supposed to be “first Day High.” It’s not a typo. It’s First Day FLY.

More on that later.

Technically, my first day as a teacher in UP Manila is today, June 14. But classes started yesterday, June 13. I dropped by to bring my fabulous piggy bank to my desk for good luck. I brought my orange bookends, and an orange coffee tumbler given to me by Nemcy.

I also went to another building in the campus to render services not listed down in my job description. I am to record my voice for a short video celebrating the University’s centennial celebrations. Yup, me, my voice.

I know I don’t sound debonair. Hell, I sound like a drunk drag queen. But a couple of professors insisted that I have a “good” voice. I bet it is another way of saying, “We don’t have time to look for a willing student.” So, there I was trying to sound modulated and all. thank God the script was in English, if it were in Filipino, I’d sound like a half breed whore that fell off the crib one too many times.

The film was pretty short. But we recorded twice and I had bloopers. Like Porky Pig type of stutters and a too stretched out vowel here and there. But it went pretty well. I am no theater actor with a solid voice but this will have to do… for now.

Now, about the title… how is this for first day bonanza. I found out later….MUCH later that I was walking around campus, four different malls, in three different cities that my fly was open.

I don’t think anyone would have noticed because I don’t tuck my shirts in… but still! I almost died when I found out late afternoon as I was browsing in a cold bookstore in Makati and wondered why it was chillier down there.

Well, to think this is not the worst.

2003, I got a fellowship to be in Japan for a month. On the first night in Tokyo we had formal dinner with the organizers, and the different Ambassadors of the ASEAN countries. Guess whose fly was open while talking to the Japanese newspaper editors? Yup. Me. Wait, that’s not the funny part. I tucked in my shirt. AND I had my photo taken by the biggest newspapers in Japan. I represented my country that year and I had my fly open during the introductory night. Good thing that my pose for the camera concealed my light blue boxers with penguins. I only found out when a blast of cold autumn wind nearly castrated me.

But, hey, despite that, I thougroughly enjoyed that trip. I learned so much and I got to see a lot of great places that I thought I’ll never see, meet cool people who treated me as an equal and with respect despite my blue boxers with penguins. So, perhaps, by osmosis and parallelism, I will enjoy the teaching profession.

It’s 12:24 midnight and I have class in a few hours. To celebrate my first day and the centennial of the university system that I truly love, I will wear the school color, maroon. It’s corny, I know, but this is one of the few ways I show my gratitude to an educational institution that has given me so much for so little.

I was told that my load of classes has been added. Normally, fulltime teachers handle 12 units. I may handle 15 to 18 units. Apparently, I shall be handling the block of nursing students. In UP Manila, 40,000 applied last year for a slot in B.S. Nursing. They only get 70. So, that’s part of the truly cream of the crop.

Intimidated? Not really.

I get a great and interesting mixture of students as well, from Biochemistry to Philippine Arts. I just want to be a good teacher to my students. I was told not to go the neophyte way of trying either to impress my students or befriend them. PLEASE!!!! I should just share what I know with no frills…

…and check if my fly is open or not.



  1. since that’s your mission and on how you want to run the class, you’ll be one of the professors whom students will be thankful for when they graduate. miss you sir chongs! 😀

  2. Well, I must say you’re one of those people who look good with their fly open. That is to say, you don’t look “manyak” at all. Hehehehe.

    But, really, nobody will notice your fly because you’re fabulous. Blind them with your charisma and it won’t matter if your zipper is not zipped. Hehehe.

  3. You’re right… this entry is funny. Gave me a laugh or two. A good thing to start my day! Ü
    And you write fabulously AGAIN… connecting 2 events plus starting and ending it perfectly… GALING!

    As for teaching in Manila, I heard there are a lot more gwapitos there than in Diliman. And you mentioned Nursing, a cute-y FA fellow of ours (younger batch) named Erl transfered from Nursing, from UP Manila…

    Someone’s having a feast… some eye feast… hihihi *giggles*

  4. ehehe… i remember that story. though i think that with your flowery hawaiian shirts in autumn, nobody would be looking at your fly!


  5. Even when you try not to, you always end up making a grand entrance.Haha! Dapat pala today kami nagsit-in with our video cameras. Miss you, Chong!

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