Posted by: nastypen | June 10, 2007

Next Week, I’ll be an Educator

This is my very last weekend before I start with my new job as the latest member of the faculty at the University of the Philippines Manila. I should be out drinking and smoking and draining my wallet in perceived fun. No, here I am blogging then I’ll do my cache of comic strips.

I like the quiet life lately. Must be the aging.

I am a bit iffy about being an educator. Sure, I have made several lectures from orphan children (on how to draw a face) to college students (American Colonial Art in the Philippines), but this time I shall have actual classes. shall I cut it as an educator? What will I do? Quiz? Exams? Lectures? Field trips? Group presentations? i do have a syllabus and some preaprations ready, but this is something bigger than all the jobs I undertook.

I am going to be an educator. Ideally, I shall instill in the willing minds of the students a semblance of knowledge tool for their future. This is hardly the act of coming up with a great-looking brochure. I do not want to be one of those teachers that students will eventually forget what they learned because of the teacher’s zombie and terror tactics.

I am, however, pleased by the fact that professors that I respect tell me that they are happy that I finally decided to be an educator. One said that the students are fortunate to have me because of my enthusiasm for the subject at hand. Most of my friends wish my students good luck because I am a vapid bitch without even trying.

Please, I am only a bitch when necessary. If you must be a moron then I’ll treat you like one…that’s the law in my jungle. But I am up for the challenge of stretching my patience and my friends will gasp and applaud this feat.

Some of my educator friends offered me great advice:

– Don’t teach them EVERYTHING you know. Teach them what they need to know.

– Take it slow. Discuss a concept and not seek a solution to the worlds’ problems in class.

– Keep it simple.

– Drink with your students after the semester is done not while they are in your classes.

– Don’t try to be popular. Try to be their teacher.

I recall one instance in which a student was gushing to me about her professor. He is quite affable and fun. He cracks jokes in class. He treats everyone as if they were his friends. Then I asked that girl just one question, “That’s nice. Tell me, what did you learn from him in today’s class?” The girl stood there staring at me thinking then had a sheepish grin and shook her head “Sir, wala (nothing).”

So, I won’t be there just to entertain….I’ll be there to teach. Too bad my hair is not that long to have a stern school marm bun. hahahaha.

Here’s to new paths and can’t stop the flood, bitches.



  1. You’ll do great. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. goodluck! looking forward to your blog entries re: ur teaching job ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. You’ll be fine, dear! You know what to do. And on your verge of breakdown (which I will pray won’t happen), you know where to find me… we can eat chocolates ๐Ÿ˜€



    Miss you!

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