Posted by: nastypen | June 7, 2007

Six Weird Things About Me

I got tagged by Faye and Ian. I am supposed to list things that make me “weird.” I don’t collect navel lint, that’s for sure.

1.) I was baptised in a military chapel. My godfather was a military man and he suggested to my parents that I be baptised in a small chapel inside the camp where he reports for duty. I bet to cut costs. A military chaplain initiated me into the world of Catholicism. I was the only one baptised that day. What is funnier is that it was the chapel of St. Jude (Patron Saint for the Desperate and the Impossible)… a saint close to my heart ahahahaha. This is, perhaps why it is impossible that I have a military career.

2.) The First Thing I ever Drew was the Sto. Nino de Cebu. My mother’s white walls did not escape from me and my crayons. So I was given bond paper and started drawing. I remember being fascinated by the statue of the Sto. Nino de Cebu (Holy Child of Cebu). My mom saw it and said I might be a priest in the future. I think I was just fascinated by the swirling gold brocade of Sto. Nino’s clothes.

3.) I was nicknamed “X-Files” in UP ROTC because throughout the ordeal, I never excused myself from the troop to go to the bathroom. Whenever the officer says we can fall in line for a bathroom break, I am the only one standing at attention left on the field. It’s just that I don’t feel like peeing. I remember when I was in kindergarten, the teacher made us line up after recess. One kid jumped up and down and said he has to go. The teacher rolled her eyes and asked the class who wants to go to the bathroom before class starts. Everybody raised their hands except me. The teacher pointed at me and said, “Class, why can’t you be like Jose, such a good student?” If this is goodness then I have the kidney stones to prove it.

4.) I can read the Tarot and saw my father’s death in the cards. I don’t read the tarot much lately. I just collect them for the pretty pictures. I can also hear dead people. When I was 2, my uncle died and I was told I rushed to the window and waved and waved and called out his name. It was the exact moment my uncle died in the hospital. I was told I have “the gift.” I wish it was worth billions of Euros instead.

5.) I wanted to be a priest when I was young …..until the church told me that it was a sin to be this way or that way which got me confused because I thought Jesus Christ said I shouldn’t judge other people, but the church and the priests can? I became agnostic when I was grade 5. I hated the fact that my religion teacher REQUIRED us to go to Sunday mass. My first failing grade was a religion exam and it was at the time when I thought of these things. My mother was frantic that I may veer into Satanism. Still, I can NEVER leave the Catholic Church, I love the lurid history, the emotional baggage, the heavy feeling of guilt, and the fantastic art it comes with.

6.) When I was young, I woke up and saw a dead goat dangling from my window. I was young then and we had guests. So, apparently, the menu was goat. Since my window had metal grills, they fastened the goat there to be smoked. They did not realize that I was still asleep in my room. It was the worst alarm clock in my life.

…and these are just weird things from GROWING UP……perhaps, I will gladly share the weird things about me in this present state someday. I tag whoever is reading this and would want to list down their weirdness in their respective blogs.



  1. A dead goat?!?! That’s, erm … quite the visual.

    Good for you that you shifted your mindset about religion so early on. I only got that far when I went to college.

  2. Let me guess… you were baptized in Camp Lapu-lapu in Cebu City?

  3. You remembered what you first drew? WOW! Me, all I recall is, the first time they practice me to write my name, I colored it with orange and yellow green. When asked why I did that, I just answered “Para (o mas) maganda…” (trans. so it will be beautiful).
    Orange and yellow green… isn’t it a sign that I am to grow up to be a fag hag 😉

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