Posted by: nastypen | May 24, 2007

Here We Go Again….

…soon, it’ll be the gay man’s superbowl: Miss Universe 2007.

I checked the website again for any changes and they finally added the National Costume and this is the Philippines’ bet:

Good luck, tere

What the…?!? I love the lace panuelo and the bell sleeves….but the balloon gown with flowers seemingly painted by a gay clown high on Rohypnol with that feather “sceptre” are just screaming “pastiche!”  Well, this beats Aileen Leng Damiles‘ costume back in the mid 90s.  She represented our country in the parade of nations as an Ifugao woman with pots balanced on her head.  Poor bitch couldn’t move and extend her arms during the dance sequence and she was relegated to the side.  She did win Miss Photogenic, though.

Will this year’s Ms. Philippines be another Ms. Photogenic?

I am, as usual, not keeping my hopes up.  Sure, she’s summa cum laude from one of the country’s toughest universities.  blah blah blah.  Like I said, she isn’t going to a quiz bee.  She IS pretty, yes. At least she doesn’t look like a horse in drag.

A friend of mine who is a pageant freak asked her of the “UP curse” wherein graduates or students from the University of the Philippines Diliman who became beauty queens fail to bag a crown.  Anna Teresa Licaros said she will break that curse.  Confident girl, I’ll give her that.

I thought when I heard that particular question that UP Diliman has produced a dictator, rebels, prodigious artists, rabblerousers, thinkers, scientists and nation-builders but not one international beauty queen…wow…. should we reset the priority of the state university, people?!?!!?!?


I just wish her good luck but I won’t hold my breath.

I am still thinking whether to watch the live telecast or just be like an albino whale shark that beached intself on a stranded part in Boracay.  Decisions decisions.



  1. I’d go for Boracay!!! 😀

  2. serioso!!!! the person who designed nad made her wear that gown should be made to eat gumamela for a month! *groan*

  3. ahhah your right!
    photogenic nga

  4. Wow. Diva, you are psychic. Indeed, our bet nabbed the Miss Photogenic title. And I almost died when she said that Filipinos are photogenic “as a race.” Yikes. The veracity of this statement is rather questionable. I myself look horrid in photos. And has she seen those ads for this icky beauty enhancement center whose image model is the owner herself who looks like The Crypt Keeper? Thanks for the thought, Miss Philippines but, alas, we don’t face the same reflection everyday. Hehehe. Still, I’m glad I look like a hamster rather than a woman whose face is frozen in perpetual surprise.

  5. Surprise surprise… she won Ms. Photogenic

  6. Hi, Chong. I’ve tagged you to play this weird game. Please click on this link to see how it’s done:

    Yes, this is my first attempt to purposely mingle in the blog world. Hehehe.

  7. hey…. I WAS in boracay too…and turned off the TV when Ms. Philippines was not called as a finalist (yeah…I got depressed! hahahahaha…I thought Tere had a shot..seriously.).. It would have been nice if I’d bumped into you in Boracay. I stayed in Laguna de boracay… that place where you had to take a P50 traysikel ride going to D’ Talipapa, or D’ Mall and try climbing D’ Wall! Boracay food is over rated and expensive…from Lemon Grass to this Thai restaurant. I ended up buying Gardenia Tasty….and Magnolia strawberry Jam..for breakfast, dinner and lunch!

    We could have talked about Ms. U while watching the sunset and ogle at those yummy koreans…and a sprinkling of hot caucasians. cheers.


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