Posted by: nastypen | May 23, 2007

Homecoming and Leaving

So, my sister is finally done with her studies at Hong Kong University and flew home last night. And now, my little sister is arriving in a bit from Abu Dhabi. Pity, my mother couldn’t fly home just yet. But at least the “girls” are here.

And my big sister shows her goods:


ahahah. We love our animal prints don’t we?


Day after tomorrow, we shall be flying to Aklan to visit a grandmother. Haven’t seen nor spoken to her in years. Will take some photos of her. She was a grand lady and didn’t need jewelry to show off that particular quality.

I have been quite the cold aloof one when it comes to family matters. I will apologize to that grandmother for being a jerk. I called her up and told her I’d take nice photos of her and she better go to the beauty parlor.


Then, we visit Boracay for the first time all together. The complete siblings in Boracay. So, we’re going there to check out my sister’s wedding thngees. I’ll be bringing my fins and goggles and swim and swim and swim. Oh yes, i’ll take photos, too.

I’ll visit my friend James who is fortunate enough to be working in Boracay. James asked if I were to skinny deep in Boracay. I told him, “Then that would mean Boracay’s first terrorist attack.”


This is something I thought I’d never hear in my life, “Sir, you’re hair is so long, you have ‘fly away’ (strands curling away from the face),” the barber mumbled to me. I couldn’t take it anymore I had a haircut.

SO I shorn most of the hair off. I now look younger and fresher. I am happy. At least I don’t look like Tina Turner with a gland problem everytime I wake up.


Just saw the last episode of Heroes, Season One. It was ok. For us comics geeks who are so well-versed with alternative realities, supernova entities, et al., the ending will come to be a no brainer. I agree with Ian who says that they should have had more budget for more spectacular battlescenes. There are just things comics can do that TV and movies can’t.


I finally saw 28 Weeks Later. It was not such a great idea to eat a quarter pounder while watching a zombie flick. I love it. Made a whole series of comic strips from it. I always watch zombie flicks alone.


Got this from a colleague:


I must have done everything in that list except for the tea thing. I don’t drink much tea and no coffee at all….they stain teeth. And the “perfect calm” thing? I could keep calm the way Paris Hilton reads Marcel Proust. The post it’s all over the wall are a total waste. And I don’t have a fort made out of blankets becuase if you’re in the tropics and you’re as big as me, blankets are your enemy. But, most of the list I already did them. And will most likely do them again.

I was just wondering in this list, where’s “paint and draw, or write and rewrite?” Where’s the actual art-making here? Oh well.


I’ll see you guys in June.



  1. Winner ang shoes!!!

    I want to go with you guys in Boracay…. Waaaaahhhhh!!! :((

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