Posted by: nastypen | May 20, 2007

The Best Homecoming in my 20s

I did not often fly home to Cebu most of my 20s. I was too busy working in Manila and, frankly, did not want to go home on account of the fact that I am not over my dad’s death. He is buried in Cebu. But here I am back home and with about a few hours before my flight back to Manila, am anxious to return to the world of Makati pollution, noise and stress.

It was easy for me to leave Cebu. Now, I throw glances at the clock thinking that my flight is coming up and I can’t bring myself to heave a sigh of relief.

I do not really give a sh*t if I gained weight. Please. I went home TO EAT. I visited my dad, too, and it was not really easy. I realized standing over his grave that I am the first person from his family to tell him that his eldest daughter is getting married. In my first night back in the house, I couldn’t sleep. I was so uneasy. I haven’t slept in that house for YEARS.  I realized that my sisters, my mother and I have not been together on this island since 1999.  I feel like a stranger in my own home.

But, it is not all agitation. In hindsight, for the past ten days, I belly laugh myself breathless on a daily basis.  I thought I would be bored in Cebu.  I was not.  In fact, I was all amazed as the bus lollied about on the way to the south.  I met old friends from high school and I am comforted by my friends’ success in their chosen paths.  I have this smile as I listen to reminisces and see my friends still having the same expressions unweathered by stress and disappointments.  It is great to have met new friends like Biba and Bobby.  It is refreshing to be among friends like Yova et al.  I feel young when I am with them.

Biba, you’re one helluva friend.  I’m glad to have met you.  You singing Jocelyn Enriquez‘s one hit wonder “Do you miss me?” is one of the fondest memories I made in my homecoming.

Ok, have to wrap up now.  I have to visit my dad with Addie before I fly.  I get the last flight out of Cebu.  I still have some hours to spare.  I will relish them among friends.  I am glad I decided to come home.  To think, I almost gave up at the sight of the long queue at the airline ticketing office.  Good things come to those who wait, indeed.

So, now, I’m having a countdown to my return to Cebu this October.



  1. mare, cryola to death naman akey sa feelings mo over your dad’s death. kaya din talaga siguro may connection tayo. i’m always jolly and hologs but this time, i sincerely say, i’m glad jher and i met you and addie.

    Read this:

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