Posted by: nastypen | May 18, 2007

I Need a Haircut

I saw Elliot Yamin perform last night at American Idol.  It was the best thing about last night’s show.  Anyway, I am in Dumaguete right now.  It is so laidback here that I am having withdrawal symptoms for the insanity of Manila. 

The best thing is that the hotel I’m staying in has free WiFi for its guests so that is a big BIG plus.  Unlike the hotel we stayed in Bohol that says they have WiFi for a hundred pesos for 22 hours.  Plus, they had to call in a technician to tinker around with the computer.  Apparently, WiFi in Dumaguete is advanced compared to Bohol.


I woke up this morning and saw myself grow taller thanks to my hair.  Last time I had a haircut, it was December last year.  I’ll get a haircut when I return to Cebu.  Man, I don’t like elliot Yamin’s hair.  I thought it was just too unkempt.  Until I saw my own mass of curls:

Brrr…… look at that monstrosity ahahahah.  Well, it is a consensus that I look good with short hair.  Yet, this is the longest hair I ever had.  I always say I want to grow my hair long while I still have hair. hahahahaha.

Oh well.  Thing is, I don’t know where to have my haircut in Cebu.  I used to have this one barber in Cebu, we call him Ma-Wi (not Maui….Ma-Wi, with a sharp intonation at the second syllable).  He was the first foppish man I met.  He had manicured hands, bling bling, a cowlick that defied Newton’s three laws of motion, and a bushy chest that disturbed me as I sat there on Lord and Lady barbershop in downtown Cebu. 

From nursery to high school, I would go to his barbershop.  When I left for college in Manila, I go to barbers in UP Diliman’s dingy “shopping center.”  It has been more than a decade that I have had a haircut in Lord and Lady.  For the life of me, I cannot recall where it is exactly.  Furthermore, I heard that Ma-Wi is already dead.  I am pretty sure that barbershop is closed thanks to the encroaching of the Malls.

So, i have no choice but to troop to the mall when I return to Cebu and get a short haircut.  I can’t wait for the wind to meet my fat nape again. 



  1. LOL, you’re right, you really haven’t much room to talk about Elliott. You’re still cute though and Elliott can still sing, so it’s all good!

  2. I told you… be sure you get a haircut before Tita Ching (your mom) comes back here from Dubai.
    And I’ve told you before… and telling you again… you really look different with puffy hair 😦

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