Posted by: nastypen | May 13, 2007

Dispatches from Cebu

I’m online!!!! Right now, I’m in Starbucks Cebu uploading photos to Multiply account.

It feels weird to return to the house I grew up in. Unlike my friends here in Cebu, I rarely go back and stay. So, I am a stranger in my own home. Addie picked me up from the airport.

It is strange, because both of us grew up in Cebu, but this is the first time EVER that he and I will be here together. We lead parallel lives and it is an effort to make this trip happen. thank all the benevolent beings in the cosmos, I am here.

I told Addie “I want to be in the place I grew up in with the person I’m going to grow old with.” And I said that spontaneously and here I am. Happy…. and shocking Cebuanos with my leopard-print laptop.

Of course, Addie also knows that I went home for this:

my manna from heaven.....

Nothing can equate the gastronomical orgasm I get from steamed rice. Addie is sitting next to me and told Biba that he has no value in my life comapred to steamed rice. Well, I don’t want to put that into a test. ahahahaha

So, my first day back in Cebu back on May 10, the caretaker of the house was shocked to find me home. She along with her three kids and husband stay at the house. Their eldest daughter is going to school this June.

A neighbor asked her who was the guy who arrived in the house (you see, I haven’t slept in that house for YEARS) and the little girl squealed “Santa Claus!!!!”


I just came from Bohol. so, I’ll blog about that tomorrow if I can.

Right now, I’m proud to say that the house mongrel gave birth to puppies. When I was in Cebu, I used to have at least more than two dogs, when I left, the dogs died. One dog was adopted by the caretaker and she was named Jean. Meet her brood:


This is Sparky…kind of reminds me of a puppy version of Snoopy.


So, upon my return, the houshold mongrel bitch (with mange!?) gives birth to her litter. That is a good sign.

Tomorrow, Dispatches from Bohol……



  1. Congratulations on going online! Guess it proves once more that airborne access is realiable.

  2. kakamiss ang steamed rice sa harbour city….sigh.

  3. I love Ding Qua Qua steamed rice! 🙂 I am lurking around your blog again, Chong. 😀

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