Posted by: nastypen | May 7, 2007

Of Zombies and Sales

This is Spider-Man 3 country. I hate it. All malls’ movie houses in Manila are playing this crap. I can’t wait for 28 Weeks later to be shown. It will be shown in a few days….like an oasis to a spider-man desert. Sure, Danny Boyle is not directing this one. Sure, there is a massive chance that Hollywood f*cked this one up. But I have a soft spot in my heart and loud shrill screams for fast-moving zombies.

This early on, there are talks that Spider-Man 4 will become a reality and the Villains will be Carnage and The Lizard. I actually like the Lizard, especially in the legendary plotline Spider-Man: Torment. Yet, somehow, I have a feeling that Hollywood will ruin this. I still can’t get over the Disco-dancing emo Spider-man. Everytime I think about it, I puke a little in my mouth.

So, I have zero expectations with 28 Weeks Later. I just want to see running zombies and exercise my inability to stifle a little girl scream.


Thanks to Nemcy and Myles, I am now tinkering with Adobe CS3. Hahaha. Sorry, geeking out here. I love the new look and organized work area. I am working with Adobe Illustrator CS3 on a new series called “Tranny aliens.” Meet Triclopette Tranny:

fo sizzle


I’m working on a huge stash of comic strip because I am going to be busy in the next few days. Here’s a sampling:

yah nga noh?!??!


Nothing offensive here, I’m sure hahahaha. That airheads’ conversation is actually true.


Nemcy and I went to Fullybooked in Power Plant Mall, because they had an extension in their sale. Nemcy bought cards. I, miracle of miracles, did not buy anything at all. But I still cam-whored:


Well, I did some stuff from Fullybooked the other day. I did try to control myself from purchasing more. I did buy a couple of great titles the other day. I bought Guy Delisle‘s Shenzen, a graphic novel memoir/travelogue in southern China. And I almost fainted when I saw the last copy of Susan Sontag‘s On Photography. I’d read it and make it part of my humanities class in UP Manila. Oooh….I can’t wait for classes to start. I even have an outfit pickedfor the first day. ahahahaha.


I can’t wait. I’m flying to Cebu in a few days. Addie surprised me and said that we’ll be going to Bohol. Alright! Last time I was in Bohol, I was incapable of memory retention. So, this is such a treat. My sister says it’s dolphin season right now. As much as I love dolphins and the sea, I’d rather go around the island and take photos of their old churches. The Art History classes I took told that Bohol has one of the most fantastic collection of retablos (a structure behind the alter with niches featuring saints normally found in Agustinian churches…oha….this blogis educational? ahahaha) in the country. And of course, I have to take a photo of tarsiers. I hope one winks at me. I should not wear bright colors and act flambo (flamboyant flamer) so as not to shock the tarsier that might cause the creature to kill itself.

Suicidal monkeys…..sounds like a great name for a band.



  1. you’re so kainis….so tama naman your comic strip….plenty of girls may sabi like that.

    hahaha, I love your strips.

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