Posted by: nastypen | May 4, 2007


Ok, I have always wanted to do this. So, thank goodness, one afternoon I decided to go for it and gave Lafawnduh (my laptop) a make-over. I went to G-mask in Shangri-La. Lafawnduh deserves a “beauty wrap” and amplify its divahood. But first, some photos I took with my SLR camera:


It was cuteness overload. There was a line for their services. A little girl wanted to bling her mobile. She was all giddy when the process was done; it takes about 20 minutes for the phone and about 45 minutes to an hour for a laptop.

It is perfect for the Filipino culture of “covering” things. I cover my books with a vengeance. I can say most families I know have had covered furnishings at one point in their lives. We protect our stuff most of the time. I don’t know about you, but it takes me several weeks to wear a brand new pair of shoes out of fear of soiling them. ahahahaha. It is very Pinoy to hold on to and not discard stuff when they can still be utilized. Hey, I still wear some shirts I wore in high school. thank goodness they still fit. hahahaha.

And of course, if you protect it, might as well do it with pizzas. And check how snazzy this design is:

girlie swirl

I was asked if I wanted to “bling” my phone, too. But I treat my phone more as a glorified alarm clock than an accessory or a representation of my personality. Well, a vast majority of their clientele wanted to bling their mobiles.

I was told though that they “g-masked” beyond laptops and mobile phones. Apparently, one member of the band made a design for his guitar. He asked them to custom “gmask” his guitar. Took them hours to do it but it went well. Some guy wanted to stud parts of his motorcycle with bling. They managed to do that. Now, a photographer wants his SLR camera to be g-masked as well.

What I like is that if you are not satisfied with their caches of design, you can do your own. They tell me the mask can last for years. If I grow tired of the mask, i just peel it off and there will be no residue.


I found out that they had a client that paid PhP12,000 to bling her phone with swarovski crystals. Whoa, nelly. Well, there are just some Pinoys who want to be flashier than most.

Me, I just want some ferocity for Lafawnduh. I was told some Mac owners are iffy about this. But I couldn’t care less. Some pimp their ride. Some accessorize like dipped in gold. Me? I just want “hints” (in this case, more than a hint) of fabulousness.

Here’s Lafawnduh now, I took this shot with my mobile phone, so my apologies for the grainy image:

work it, bitch!!!!

Isn’t she FIERCE???? I was hoping they have a tiger print, but they did not. But Leopard spots are great, too. I called up Addie asking him if it matches my personality and he just laughed. If they did not have any feral prints, I would have opted for an aloha print, this time, a hibiscus patterns awashed on navy blue. I was even toying with this cute alien pattern. I was shown this great design of Chupa Chups in the tradition of pop art in comics format ala Roy Lichtenstein. Love that one, too.

But thank goodness, they had one last leopard print at the bottom of the heap.

It is a sign and it is good….no, fab.

I can’t wait to be in meetings with these old foggy clients and whip out the fabulized lafawnduh. That should create quite a stir.

Purr for me, Lafawnduh.

Purr “Can’t stop the flood, bitches.”



  1. WOW. That is just – LOL – WOW.

    Lafawnduh, baby, you are the shiznit!

  2. weeee….so fab&fetch 🙂

  3. luuuuurrrrrrrvvvvv it! hmmm… inggit ako sa iyo veklush.

  4. Wow!!! Raawwrr!

  5. Chong!! kakainggit yan si lafawnduh ah. pati din to si delilah ni dang pa change namin. punta ka na dito at negosyo natin yan. Can you please find out pila franchise fee ana and other info on that business? Gusto ko siya dalhin sa CDO pati na din dito. hehehe…

  6. WOW!!! I have never imagined such a fabulous cover for a gadget…:-D super cute!

  7. ang taray ni lawfanduh!!!!

  8. And with that I stand up and applaud… for the pursuit and bravery of whatever you like in your life. Basta kaya at gusto kebs na nila di ba?!

    Happy and proud of you… I know happy ka rin. GO! GO! GO!

    In fairness, nagka-extra personality ang laftaf mo…

    Lafawnduh is definitely owned by Jose! A-um!

  9. WOW! u decided na pala to repaint your powerbook G4 (lafawnduh). How much?

  10. Thanks for the comments, everyone….

    and ren, di to “repainted”…sticker film to…. as for the price…. punta ka sa Gmask and ask them eheheheheh…. meron sa robinson’s place ermita….. malapit sa iyo yun

  11. shucks ang taray!!! ang boring ng laptop ko… all gray. di naman kasi nilalabas eh. ka-inggit~!

  12. fierce naman ng pussy mow!

  13. THAT is SO FAB! luv it! Jealous of it too -LOL! I better check out G-mask! You’re such a diva!

  14. Say, pardner…if G-Mask ever needs an ad…

    Here’s a tagline: Bling it on!


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