Posted by: nastypen | May 1, 2007

May Day! May Day!

In a few hours, Nemcy and I will be one of the first people on earth to watch Spider-Man 3. I actually had a countdown to this day. Much as I respect the significance of Labor Day, I am a comic geek first before I became a worker. But, I’ll still wear red in celebration, does that count?


I was watching America’s Next Top Model. Tyra Banks should be given a citation for showing the world that the occupational hazards of a model rival that of an astronaut’s. I just love Tyra-isms like “You gotta own your height.” I texted a friend “Every time Tyra bats an eyelash, a gay is born.”


Nemcy had a nightmare. She called me up and exhaustively told me that she dreamt that she was in my room, only my room is a lot bigger and I had a big TV. I went out and the TV turned on by itself, and a gay porn played. Only the porn actors were myself and a German dude. Necmy was sputtering in her dream. I went in and she was shrieking, “Why did you do this? How did you do this? How could you do this?!” To which I nonchalantly replied, “t’s nothing. I was bored. I did it in front of a video camera and edited it with lafawnduh (my computer).” Nemcy screamed, “How about Addie?” To which I replied, “Addie is not here.” She woke up. So, me as a porn star is a nightmare. I have to agree. ahahahahha. But with a German???? Not unless it is Klaus Wowereit.


So, it’s already May. this means that my vacation is officially over. When I resigned last February 15, I told myslef that I will relax until May. So, here it is. So what to do? I am scheduled to fly to Cebu and to Boracay this May. But not really for relaxation. Just part of an errands list that I have to do.

Anyway, it gets my goat that people call Boracay “Bora.” What the? I hear that from some people and it really gets my blood pressure boiling. Are they too tired or lazy for that one more syllable? It’s a proper noun, address it properly. As if the name “Bora” makes the island sound soooo exotic. Please. There are dangers of dropping the syllables just to make it sound cool and different. It’s like calling Penicillin “Penic.” Nurse, give me a “Penic.” Yup, lovely.


Recently, GMA 7 had an interesting program in which they invited the candidates for Senate in the upcoming elections for a forum/debate. I caught some bits and pieces of it. I flipped to their rival network and ABS-CBN was showing a teelcast of Miss Earth Philippines pageant. Don’t you just love this form of public service? I mean, elections here are a beauty contest in a way. Although I love the way some former senators said something to an effect that they have done a lot ergo nothing to prove in terms of their capabilities. While on the other channel, this beauty queen was asked about how to fight global warming and she chirped something like, “I will plant a garden and show everyone this is God’s creation.” Both beauty queen and some senators exhibit same levels of lip service chutzpah.


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