Posted by: nastypen | April 23, 2007

I Love You, Tori

I saw the latest video of Tori Amos. It was an upbeat song entitled Big Wheel from her latest album American Doll Posse. And it featured some nifty fashion photography. I never thought Tori would eventually look like this:


My favorite part of the song goes “I’m an M…I….L…..F…..Don’t you forget.”

Check out the video here if YouTube decides to take it down.

The video featured Tori dressed up in several incarnations; she was showcasing the several characters in her album. Interesting if a bit peppy. Oh well. It is not the Tori I grew up with. However, change is good. I can’t wait for the album so I downloaded it already days ago. I know I know. I only do this to check out if the album is bullcrap or not. So, I like what I’m hearing and wish that the album will hit the shores here soon.


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