Posted by: nastypen | April 22, 2007

Shoot and Ask Questions Later

….this is how I started out with photography. I was in Grade 2 and my dad bought me my very first camera. It was a slender rectangular blue camera with Mickey Mouse on it. I took pics of my sisters, my parents and seeming to be always needing rolls of film. My dad eventually bought me a camera years later and I was VERY happy.

Fast forward to college and one of the few classes that really snagged me are the photography sessions. I LOVE the dark room. There was a time I wanted to be a photographer and buy myself equipment for traditional photography. I relished dipping my prints in chemicals and anticipate the images fade in as if by magic.

Also, that time was a test of practicality.  I may have studied at UP Diliman’s College of FineArts, but, arguably, it was the most expensive course for students.  How can you learn photography wothout a camera.  I borrowed my uncle’s old yashica camera and am proud the only things I spent for were the films and photo papers.

I was happy to be left behind in the dark room even though it was haunted.  It was large and the chairs were moving on their own, but there I was singing Tori Amos songs as I tinker with the chemical basins.  It was the greatest time in my college life.  And, yes, I got a good grade.  My favorite shot in that year was a beggar boy on an overpass (to which I cannot find!  Boo hoo.).  Earlier on, I want social realism in my art and not floral pulpy bits of socially-perscribed beauty.  Please.

Then, my life took the route of art direction in graphic design and publishing. Even went to writing. So, now, years later, I am struggling with an old love I led to be waylaid by pragmatism.

I have a new camera. Last night, I just had my first wedding photosession with my virtual girlfriend. It was not a total disaster. I learned several things in a manner of hours. I was very tired and weary after but can’t wait to take up photography again.

Oh, here’s the very first shot I took fooling around with my camera last December:


That’s my little sister and her zombie eyes. ahahahah. Now this is a quick snap shot. I’m relearning, y’all.

As for venturing into commercial photography…I don’t know. That’s just too many steps ahead. I might go there but I have no idea of the satisfaction one makes after shooting for a shampoo ad. For now, let my love for photography revolve around the fascination for light and angles. Just like the way I was when I was but eight years old.



  1. Don’t forget Philippine Ghost Stories. I actually got extra chips in a movie house when the lady behind the counter who was reading the first volume was mortified and impressed in equal measure when she realized that it was indeed my face passing off as a ghost of a girl in one of the book’s many tragic tales. That was some eerie photography.

  2. Yah, Photography is something you learn on your own. And you do ask the questions later when you see something is wrong. And yah having those type of cameras is a great help. Thanks to your dad! 😀 Sir C! YOU ROCK!

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