Posted by: nastypen | April 20, 2007

The Heat Gets to Me

So, what to do if the heat in Manila is intense? Camwhore with Faye’s crazy fan. I call this shot “The Flying Nun.”

The Flying Nun

Check out the result of a heat-addled-brain pictorial over here.



Addie is leaving for Cebu today. He does not know when he’ll return to Manila. Oh well. such is the reality of long-distance realtionships. I may return to Cebu this May… until I saw the airfare for Philippine Airlines! Agh!….. So, it’ll be a major dent in my quicksand finances, but Addie and I never went out together in Cebu, and that’s here we both grew up. Hey, I’d want to visit dad’s grave, too. AND eat delicious steamed rice. I have to be shallow with this and hope that Addie gets his car by the time I fly back to Cebu for a couple of weeks. I don’t want my uncle fetching me from the airport with his children.


I’ve been practicing taking photographs with Avedon my camera lately. I’d forgotten the joy I used to have taking photos. I kind of miss printing photos at the dark room. Nemcy, thanks for the help and nudging, my virtual girlfriend.


If you’re a guy and you have a lady boss who is almost always busy and you two are at a party, remember, never ask your boss this after downing several bottles of beer: “You’re always working, ma’am. When do you have sex with your husband?”

Seriously, this happened. The lady boss told me. I laughed my head off. Good thing the lady boss has a great sense of humor and compusure and just ignored the lushed up man.



  1. hahaha… alcohol makes everyone silly…

  2. You’re welcome, dear! Still I have to see your shots… and we need to practice more! Ate Marj and Den-den is our FIRST clients 😉

    Oh yeah, beer/alcohol is always a good excuse to act silly and ask the darnest things! :p

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