Posted by: nastypen | April 19, 2007

Dust-Covered Revelations

Still cleaning up my room. It is quite small, my room, yet it is oh so cluttered. So, I heave out the useless stuff to the garbage. I found my deck of J.R.R. Tolkien‘s Lord of the Rings Tarot I bought in the mid90s. I have a total of five decks of tarot (Greek Mythology, Zen, LOTR, Dreams Tarot and Sandman Tarot). I used to read the Tarot and I was pretty good at it. I saw that I will get a job immediately from my tarot sessions. The last time I had a serious reading of the tarot was 1999. I was at the wake of my dad and this really old lady who is one of my grandmothers came up to me and she said I have the “gift.” I earned her “gift” and she can sense it. I was a bit freaked out because I read in my tarot the day before my dad died that I will have a massive loss in 24 hours. I haven’t seen that grandmother since and my tarot decks are collecting dust. I don’t use that “gift” anymore, because I wish it could just predict winning lotto numbers instead. Not selling my tarot decks, though, they’re too pretty.


My philosophy in money and in love is if you don’t look for them, they will come to you. Works for me all the time. Same goes for books I thought lost or forgot that I owned. One corner of the house I saw this pile of books stuck at the back. I saw a book that made me laugh. It was copy of Plato Not Prozac! Applying Philosophy to Everyday Problems by Lou Marinoff, PhD. This book rekindled my love for the Book of Ecclesiastes. One of my favorite chapters here is Therapy, therapy Everywhere and Not a Thought to Think. I have friends who have therapy and they urge me to try it out because it makes them feel good. While I understand them, I do not yearn to spend cash over sessions of me having to whine, bitch and moan to someone. I do it for free. It’s called blogging.


A story that has been festering inside my head for close to a decade has resurfaced thanks to the dust annihilation. I was cleaning out my files when I stumbled into a cache of research materials for a story for a graphic novel I have been developing for years. I thought these readings were lost and there they were, neatly organized but still heaped inside my files box for me to eventually forget. So, I’m reading the papers again and will have to work at least two chapters this year. Hey, drawing and writing take time. But my research is intact. So that is great.


I had a consumer orgasm last night. I went out with friends hoping for free aircon at Greenbelt. The place was so packed that the aircon was useless. However, a store was having a clearance sale of its art materials. 50% to 70% off in some items. My eyes dilated and I bought watercolor paper worth less than 300-peso cellphone load. So, I’m going back with more ammunition. I had a big smile throughout the night.


Everyone is talking about the Virginia Tech University massacre. Our sympathy for the victims in this senseless act of violence.  Be that as it may, everyone at the table felt relieved that the killer was not Filipino.


I am counting the days till May 1. I bought tickets for the earliest screening of Spider-Man 3 that day. I am going to watch it with Nemcy, my Virtual girlfriend. I am so excited to have geek orgasms. I wish I was a kid again so I could wear this to the screening.


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