Posted by: nastypen | April 18, 2007

Hot Head Speaks in Bullet Format

Yesterday was the hottest day in Manila this year. I spent it walking around in the midday heat looking for a cab. I met with a friend looking like a dish towel. And they say the temperature will get worse by May. Oh joy.


The gout is acting up again. I am drowning myself with more water. What’s worse than the Manila Summer? Walking around with gout at the sun’s highest point in the Manila Summer. At least I have a cane, just in case.


Changed the look of the blog, again. I picked this one because at least the header image is bigger. And nothing beats the red and black combo.


Addie is here again! His mom told him to lose weight. I told him we should walk during dawn. At the crack of dawn, I was fast asleep. Exercising was a good idea before I fell into deep slumber.


The heat is affecting me. I can’t blog longer entries. I just want to surf then lie down and wait for night. Last night, when I went out of the bedroom to get a drink of water, a wall of humidity hit me in the face. June is so far away and the rains are a fantasy.


Poor Onyx is in pain. My black labrador can’t stand the heat and I have to give her ice cubes and crank the aircon and I am in pain just thinking of the electric bill.


I still can’t believe that a former high school classmate is a hip hop instructor in Chicago. It is one f those “Who would have thought?” things. This is tantamount of me ending up as a lothario with children from several women. Him and hip-hop? You wouldn’t have guessed with his bowl-cut hair years ago.


Senseless. 32 students and professors were gunned down by a n English major with South Korean ancestry at the Virginia Tech University. Now, South Korean students in America fear a backlash the way the Arabs had after 9/11. Some have already left the schools out of fear. You don’t cure mindless murder with ignorance, people.


Ok, have to lie down now.


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