Posted by: nastypen | April 17, 2007

It’s Mid-April and I’m Panicking

April is halfway through? Where did it go?!?!? My goodness!!!! I have to do stuff before June and it is almost there!?!?! Before I know it, it’ll be 2047 and I’m dead!


My room looks like a dump. No, it is a dump. I have a black carpet now, thanks to Onyx’s (the Labrador) shedding. I’m packing old clothes into a suitcase. These are the clothes that will only reach my neck and are a painful reminder on how thin I was.

Besides, I need more space for my closet, not because I will buy more clothes. I have enough clothes to dress up a small village. It is just that when I reach in for an article of clothing, the closet is so jampacked that there is always a mini-avalanche.

I have thought of giving away these clothes. Nah, maybe when I’m dead. I’m still hoping that I would regain my 24-inch wasitline. And maybe, the Philippines will become an economic wonder, too.


Congratulations to my kumpare Myles for another baby on the way. I know he does not mind be it daughter or son. But, it is just too cute when his eldest was asked to name the baby if it were a boy, she chimed, “Paprika!!!!” Hahahaa. I’m such an evil godfather, I taught his eldest Milan to stomp her feet everytime the dad won’t buy her a toy and shrill, “But, Daddy, I’m a princess!” It’s amazing that I am still allowed in their house.


As most of the nation stayed glued to watch an exercise of sanctioned violence, I decided to watch again my latest guilty pleasure, Showtime’s new series The Tudors. The series is about the early adult years of the notoriously horny English King Henry VIII.

I could go on and on about the English King’s destructive relationship with the Vatican, how he forged an alliance by having a Spanish infanta as a wife to be connected with the then-all-powerful spanish Empire, how he used religion for his means, how Anne Boleyn was not the first Boleyn girl in Henry VIII’s bedchambers, how he had six wives, how his actions several centuries ago are still significant today.

But, I would like to just glaze over the show.

hooo baby

I just love a good piece of costume drama peppered with politics and scandal. And it helps that this guy is part of the cast:


Jeremy Northam is the hunk of art house films and period pieces. I love him and he portrays Thomas Moore. If Thomas Moore actually looked like this, he could be the sexiest lawyer in history. Of course, if you’re a history buff, you’d know what happened to Thomas Moore….

And he is not the only hottie in this series:

I don’t know their names, but they had me at hello:

love you, whoever you are....


The French king Francois, rival of King Henry VIII; love his costume and his hair. If I don’t cut my hair for more than a year, maybe, just maybe, I’d have that hairdo, too.

And this guy is one of Henry VIII’s royal entourage:

hello, there, dodong!!!!

Bringing sexy back to history lessons, y’all…. *sigh* and he bared some skin, so I am so ready with the “pause” button.

And Sam Neil is here as the token conniving cardinal Wolsey with a mistress and kids. Hey I consider him sexy, too. Brilliance in acting and elocution are sexy to me, too.

hunk fest!!!!!

Damn you, Jeremy Northam, you and your cute smile….damn you!

Love the costumes, just suspend the fact that these clothes were worn by people who hardly bathed and we’re ok.

corset, anyone?

At left is Henry VIII’s first wife Catherine of Aragon, spurned by her husband by not giving him any male heirs. When I was young I read about how kingdoms were fortified by marrying into other dynasties. That is the role of the female children of kings, as diplomats on the marital bed, so to speak. And yet, there is more to them, of course.

But, I have to argue the true star of this series is not Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Henry VIII, but it would be Natalie Dormer who portrays Anne Boleyn. I love the way they treated Anne Boleyn’s character here. She is usually seen as a shallow airhead to the shrill martyr in the end. But not in this series.

She is portrayed as calculating and intelligent in this series. Historically speaking, Anne Boleyn, like Cleopatra, is NOT a great beauty but a really smart woman.  She is manipulative and works around her limitations to her advantage which is a true power diva to me.


Look at those eyes. And that smirk! I’m hooked.



  1. episode 2 pa lang ko with this series…. it’s a nice replacement for my regular rome fix, now that rome has ended.

  2. […] turning points in English history into a shrill sibling-rivalry soap opera. I thought the TV series The Tudors did an infinitely better job than this waste of budget. Although the costumes were exquisite, […]

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