Posted by: nastypen | April 10, 2007

How to Fly a Kite

I was supposed to spend the holy week in Manila. But at last minute, I was invited by Den to stay at his house in Tagaytay. He picked me up in his car and drove to Tagaytay. His boxer Max was there. Normally it takes Den 45 minutes to drive to Tagaytay. Everyone wanted to escape Manila and it took us three hours to get there. Good thing Max and his farts kept me entertained.

Max saw a cat across the street and would rather stare than pose with me.

beauty and the beast....and max is the beauty....

One of the signs I saw while waiting for Den in his car, check out the “other services'” second line:

who you gonna call?!?!?!?!

Ok… it that the supernatural has made cottage industries in this day and age.

Anyhoo….it was lovely to stay at their Tagaytay residence when nights are cold and I had to wear socks. I ambushed Den’s siblings for their video podcasts for Den and my sister’s wedding site. I also got to witness Den slave over some twigs from the walis ting-ting (I have no idea how to translate that) and some newspapers to make a kite for his nephew Miggy.

Miggy brought some kites with him but it did not fly.

I was pretty excited because it has been decades that I saw someone fly a kite is close proximity. The kite Den made even had a tail made from strrips of newspapers glued together by rice. So folk crafts-y!

So they went out to the fields and flew the little kite that could.

Watch the video of Den, Miggy and the mayfly kite here.

Here’s Miggy who managed to pose for the camera for the ceremonial lift-off:

we have a lift-off, houston!!!!

Too bad I was not able to capture the squeal and sheer glee from his face when the kite flittered about on air. I caught myself smiling, too.

Here’s Miggy fixated on the kite while Den maneuvers it to keep it afloat:

stare at it, miggy!!!!

Here’s my favorite shot of the day:

so hallmarkish, no?

Den eventually gave Miggy the reins of the kite. Miggy was concentrating very hard. Den told Miggy not to let go. For some unknown reason, Miggy let go and the kite flew off even higher. Perhaps, Miggy will be a contrarian when he grows up? hehehe.

What I failed to capture in photos or in film was me huffing and running after the kite. It did not help that I did not wear my glasses and I had gout, so I was squinting and limp-hopping towards the kite. Not even Den managed to catch up.

The kite ended up here:

who's your daddy, kite?

It took Den 45 minutes to build it, five minutes to fly it and now the electric post owns it.

Well, so we retreated back to the house. I was walking around the garden trying to reflect on my life, when Max has other plans for me. You see, of all the people that Max met, I get the disitinction that he is most comfortable with me.

I sit on the bench reading the newspaper and guess who runs to me, stands on his hind legs and rest his upper body on my stomach? Yup, Max loves my fat soft tummy. It is hard to take a photo when an 80-lb boxer rests its upper body on your tummy. He was sniffing my belly (what is it with dogs sniffing my belly, I don’t have food there and my belly does not smell like other dogs’ asses!) and wagged its stubby tail and rested his face on my belly and snorted.

Max was so cozy up my tummy, he did not budge close to three minutes. He and I had a staring contest. I lost because Max sneezed at my face. I screamed and Den rescued me:

master loves max

Den and Max wrestling. No, Den is NOT choking Max. So, as Den kept Max busy. I walked around the garden and saw this garden gnome. Yup, it is not exactly a gnome but one of Snow White’s dwarves. I marvelled at the kitsch factor of these statues.

I like the position of the gnome and took a photo:

whistle while you work, bitch!

This is how I look when I daydream. The difference is my beard is not white. hahaha. Yup, I have the height of a dwarf. I like this shot. It’s like the dwarf’s happy thoughts physically manifested themselves as blossoming in shrubs.

So inspirational eh?

Or it could be the Dwarf is taking a dump and he is happy from the exit of some baggage?


Happy birthday on April 10th to my good friends, Larry and Jason.

Larry, you must share me tips on how to be a great teacher. ahahaha. Bon voyage on your trip. Rocky told me you might visit him there. Anyhoo, we must talk one of these days. I miss your wisdom and your catcalls. You are the only person who noticed that Claudine’s boobies are banlag. ahahaha.

Jason, stop logging on at guys4men and tell your mom already! We’re pushing 30 and it is unsightly to be in the closet at our age. Besides, your mom isn’t blind…she just needs a calm confrimation. hahahaha.


At least I took a self-portrait in Den’s Tagaytay home:


I call this “idiot self-portrait.” ahahaha.

Whoopsie. I will be disconnected from the blogosphere. Got some stuff to do.

Can’t stop the flood, bitches.



  1. I love how they can also heal scholosis, lopus, and sweeting diseases.

  2. chong, dahlin…you look very handsome without the glasses! ugh…you are a hottie in that self-portrait. honestly, you look great…hugs!

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