Posted by: nastypen | April 9, 2007

Beer Before Sleep Means….

I had five glasses of the potent red horse beer, two bottles of San Miguel Pale Pilsen and less than two hours of sleep. So, when I finally fell asleep, I had a nightmare.

I was back in high school.  It was graduation, but it was all in relative disarray.  I was with old classmates but I was not really talking to them.  I decided to go up the classroom.  The Chinese teacher whom we used to call “Buyog” (Cebuano for bee) saw me at the ramp and decided to join me.

I asked about the old Spanish priest Fr. Nunez and she said that the old man is back writing a book.  I thought that is nice but I had a weird feeling.  I told Sian Si (teacher in Fukienese) that I have to rush up.  I clambered up the ramp and saw some of the brightest people in the class gamble inside the classroom.

I started waving frantically and whispering loudly that “Sian Si is coming!!!!”  They cleared their tables of cards and chips.  Sian Si arrived with that look on her face everytime she starts class…that of disappointment and “What am I still doing here?” face.  She retorted how come there was a “BINGO” sign up the blackboard.  I looked up and there it was, a “Bingo” sign.

Sian Si screamed, “Are you playing Bingo in the classroom?!?!?!?!”

I just weakly went to the window and thought, “Of all the gambling offenses….Bingo….”

Then I heard that Chaka Khan was singing at the auditorium!  I can’t rush back down because Sian Si is angry and lecturing us against the evil of gambling.  So, as I leaned my head to the window slats, I could just hear Chaka Khan belt the lines of “Through the Fire” as I watch Sian Si’s constricted face with her mouth moving like a semi-automatic.

The song was done and Chaka Khan is gone.  I slumped on my seat.  Sian Si is gone and my classmates have commenced their gambling activities.  No, nobody played Bingo.  Just poker.  Chaka Khan had a costume change near our room!  I bounded off my seat and met her and offered to carry her luggage!  I was smiling from ear to ear that I am walking with Chaka Khan who was talking to me (in TAGALOG, too!).  She was just gabbing about her performance when I saw an old classmate of mine….one of the smartest in the batch.  We were friends in elementary till things turned sour in high school.  But I remember being so happy to see him.

I even introduced him to Chaka Khan before she boarded her van and left.  I told that classmate, “Congratulations!  You’re a movie director!  Good Luck!”  I looked up because he was a tall guy and saw he has a faux hawk…not a tiny faux hawk….Sanjaya faux hawk with blonde streaks.  I winced but smiled and dragged him to the auditorium because I told him “Everyone wants to see you!”

I escorted him.  The classmates were so happy to see him.  they were asking him about stuff.  I was beaming until the cramp in my left arm woke me up.

I immediately stood up and blogged this.  Ugh…the only great part in that dream was Chaka Khan.  Thank goodness I did not die in my sleep now.  Had I died and my last dream was about high school, that could be one of the shittiest endings known to man.

Ok, have to go out and drink some water and return to sleep.  Hope Colin Farrel makes an entrance this time.


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