Posted by: nastypen | April 5, 2007

“It Feels Like It’s Saturday Morning”

…this is how our good friend Karina describes my sister and future brother-in-law’s wedding website.

That is a great description. I am elated because I organized the wedding website (thanks to the user-friendly Mac iWeb templates) and it took several weeks of my sister’s tweaking, Den’s frazzled search for his childhood photos and my scanning, enhancing of dozens of photos. Now, we are launching it today.

April 5 is my sister and future brother-in-law’s anniversary. I was supposed to launch this website last March 4, but I thought it was just too raw. So, patience is a virtue and I am quite proud of this website.

You have no idea how deep the furrows are on my forehead right now. “Where are the comments?” “Can you insert some music?” “Hey, there’s a typo.” I am frowning from the landslide demands, corrections, queries from the bride. Sometimes, I wish I just did the entire website using wordpress or some free software out there.

Oh the stress from this website!!! Thank God, I am not working. If so, I’d die of stroke next week from the demands and ittie-bittie changes that make up a landslide of irritants.

BUT!!!!….yes, but!!!! I am VERY GLAD I did this. It made me closer to my sister and more importantly, it made me interact more with my future brother in law. I did have some hard time with this site. However, I am greatly satisfied by the outcome.

My sister, who can be very precise with what she wants complimented me and not because I’m her brother. Oh hell no, my sister is one tough customer. She gives credit where credit is due.

I did not expect it would be this difficult. My sister commended me and I should do this for a living like be a Wedding Planner, I can take photos and have a flair for details. But I don’t know, that’s just too many steps ahead.

Right now, I am just goddamned please that the website is up and running. It took me an hour to make an email blast announcing this website to my sister’s and future brother-in-law’s friends and colleagues. I am so drained, yet fulfilled. Like doing 50 push-ups without pausing.

Here’s the e-card I sent to dozens of emails:

the invite.....

It was a humongous task to do this website with the emotional investment alone is tantamount to frazzled nerves and snappish tempers. That is why I am thankful that Karina mentioned that description, invoking the best part of the best day of the week, where GENERALLY and IDEALLY you have no work, no school and you enjoy breakfast while watching those hilarious cartoons, have an easy chat with family and friends, there is a familiar sense of home and comfort. I want that connotation.

Anyway, the wedding site is not your typical nuptial site of contrived photos of made-up couples. I wanted to go for casual and accessibility. I included some features not found in your typical wedding site, which are video/podcasts messages for the couple. My favorite is the video podcast of the ringbearer, Den’s nephew and godson, all dressed up as Spider-Man. There a re pictures galore with embarrassing hair and clothes. It is great that there is a slideshow, too. Check it out and read the captions. In colloquial terminology, kinareer ko yan! (I made a career out of this!)

So, here it is, folks, MarjAndDenFinally.Com!!!!




  2. congratulations to your sister and your brother-in-law, gang! and nice job on the website.

  3. it’s super nice!!! parang gusto ko na rin magpakasal!!

    ay wait… wala pa pala akong bf…

  4. …and so it is, Chong…very well done! 😀

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