Posted by: nastypen | March 25, 2007

I Inspire, Bitch!

I met up with an old friend over the weekend. She was gushing, “You look so young! And thinner! What’s your secret?”

I shrugged, “comfort in unemployment? Just leave your job if it makes you toxic.”

She squealed, “You look so alive. the lines in your face are gone.”

I heard from some people that I’m in for a doozy as a government employee. The pay is shit, the job is thankless, the stress will not go away (as if I didn’t know these things), and that I will come crawling back to the corporate world due to the need for a bigger compensation.

I just noted that the full-time instructor handles 12 units of classes per semester. That’s roughly 12 hours per week. If you add consultations and checking of papers (which I won’t have an exam every week, right?) my hours per week would just be about 14-16. Now, compare that with the AT LEAST 40-hour work week in the corporate world. If they give me more units to handle, that means more pay. In the corproate world, I never had overtime pay. I may end up having a 7am class (YIKES) but at least I don’t have to be there for 8-9 hours a day, five days a week.

Well, looks like I made the right decision. heheheh


About the title of the blog entry, well, I met up with Faye. she gave me a copy of Heartbreak. It’s an anthology of short stories “that will stay with you longer than your Ex did” edited by Cel Cosculluela. No, I am not breakingup with the partner. It’s just that Faye is one of the authors in this collection.

BUY THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really like the book. I mean as a graphic designer, I judge the book by its cover. And I really like the subtle elegant design. The texture of the cover is smooth and stiff, the paper is not some cheap mimeograph or risographed paper. This book is classy compared to some local publications.

anyway, Faye’s story is about a woman who files for an annulment only to lose her arm at a train bombing. She mentioned this stroy to me before. She told me that I “inspired” a character in the short story. Well, that does not happen to me everyday. Hahahah. I’m supposed to be the physical therapist. AHAHAHA. I’m happy for the cameo appearance, Faye. Is this another bid for my immortality? Wahahah. As if! But thanks! Next time can I be a wise slut in one your stories? hahaha. The gall to request! Well, I’m no muse exaclty ahahaha.

But I’m reading this book and I am not one to read love or breakup stories but this is a great collection. I’m not yet done, but I’ll impart you some of the blurbs from the back cover. One story is about a girl who meets her romantic prospect…in the arms of another man. ahahahah. And I think there is a geek angle here, there’s a story about a girl dressing up for a Cosplay (Costume play), modeling as “Arwen” when she meets “Aragorn.”

I don’t think this is chick lit. That horrendous label is a disservice to these authors. That is just limiting. This is not chick lit because there are male authors here. So, it would be an interesting eexperience to read on a male perspective of a break-up. there are ten short stories in total.

Faye told me that the publishers submitted this book for evaluation and review to American booksellers. This book passed their standards. So, this book could go global. That is great news considering Filipino writers have always been overlooked compared to our Indian, Japanese and Chinese counterparts. We DO have a rich literary world here in the country. I just hope that Filipinos get to read the works by fellow Filipinos though.

So if you are a bibliophile, do buy this book. And check out the publisher! I am curious about their future titles. I hope they will also include comics though. hahahaha.

Reading is good for you, it’s more fulfilling than texting and it’s cheaper than gasoline for a roadtrip from Pagudpud to Sorsogon, more educational than eating chocolates…you get the idea.

Can’t stop the flood, bitches.



  1. Sounds like a book for me :p As if sad

  2. interesting siya. i`m looking for a good book pa naman. >_

  3. ugh. stupid wp. it cut my comment.


    i`ve been trying to find a copy of breakfast at tiffany`s. lol. it`s been a while since i last commented here. :b hello.

  4. your decision is awesome!!! im so jealous ahahaha 🙂

  5. Wait for me, Tim Robbins. Polish that boat. I am in jail now and am whoring for the money we will use for our boating business when I get out. Shawshank will soon be a thing of the past.

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