Posted by: nastypen | March 24, 2007

Well, well, well….

I got this message from a friend:

Please patronize pirated DVDs so that the Filipino movie industry will die and we will no longer have actors, actresses nor their spouses running for public office. Please pass.”

But I don’t buy pirated DVDs of Filipino films. Oh Lordy, the elections issue once again. I’m tired of this frankly.

Hey, it’s a democracy, ANYONE can run.  Well, except for those deemed as nuisance candidates….like that moron who wants the country to be annexed back to the United States of America to solve our economic crisis.  D-UH!!!!

If you don’t want these actors and actresses in the political arena, you don’t kill the Filipino film industry (How can you kill a zombie, anyway?). How about the singers who want to be in office? You ask your fellow voters to ask these actors candidates their issues and platform in the government.

Ideally, our elections should be an equilibrium between issues and personality. Evidently, much of the Filipino elections revolve around the latter. Which is truly frustrating.

Now if they answer like this, which by the way is a true account:

Victor Wood actually said this......

Then if this guy gets voted, might as well weep silently in one corner.



  1. Mali ang logic ng text sender…Pag namatay ang film industry, where else will the has-beens go but to politics? Tsaka bad bumili ng pirated.

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