Posted by: nastypen | March 20, 2007

Suspended Animation

Suspended animation in blogging, that is. Been really busy these days.

I have to be a dutiful partner and I can’t complain. I always sleep peacefully when Addie is around. He’ll be leaving tomorrow for Cebu. but he will be flying back to Manila in a week or so. So, this is the longest time I spent with addie. I love it.

So, I’m busy with romance, y’all:


I got this image of two people kissing while being x-rayed somewhere in the blogosphere. I’m sorry for lifting it and forgetting where it came from to credit it. But I do so love the image.


I am gathering the requirements for my new work. I have to list down my assets and liabilities. What are those?!?! Assets: I’m a bear in skinny country? I read more than most? I can draw and write? Liabilities: I always spend for the pay loungue for a clean toilet? I can’t sing? It’s difficult to buy clothes for me?

Gahd. I have to list down my possessions. Well, if they don’t make me list every book I own, it will be relatively a short enumeration.

I have to get an NBI Clearance and have my medical check up at the Philippine General Hospital (cue in thunderclaps and ominous grinding organ sounds). Remember, this the PGH, where the best medical personnel in the country are found with the worst conditions around. I only went there once and was grimacing at the misery. Four children on one bed?!?!? So, I’m not excited for this one.

I am also working on a comics story for an upcoming event. It will be included in an indie comics to be sold at that event. The theme for the collection is “super hero.” I am making a story about a gay superhero invited to talk at his alma mater on career day. I am quite excited for that one and will post the entire thing in the internet as soon as I finish it. Well, I won’t be getting anything for this indie anyway, so I guess the people behind this project, won’t be iffish about me posting the entire thing in the internet. I plan to make it a series, too.

I was asked to join a planning session with the teachers this April.  I will take notes and bring my snorkling gear!  It’ll be on the beach!  and I love swimming, especially skin diving in 15-foot deep waters and surrounded by corals.  So I can’t wait for that one also.

I also made my savings bled in my art ventrues.  Paints are not cheap.  One giant tube of paint costs about a thousand pesos.  But I am investing more on canvases.  Since, I don’t know how to prepare my own canvas, I risk being laughed at by “serious” artists and buy myslef a stash of ready-made canvases from the shop.

I already tackled Acrylics.  I will be apinting in oils soon.  Addie asked me to paint his portrait.  So, of course i will.  I will paint something that cannot be censored, though.

And I do not want to tell you the rest of the list of things that I have to do.  I was never this busy for a long time.  This time two weeks ago I was watching DVDs, now I can barely blog.

Oh well, things will fall into place soon.  Ok, have to go now and run to Addie with a big grin on my face.


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