Posted by: nastypen | March 18, 2007

Wife Mode and Teacher Aspirations

I am preparing some stuff right now. I have a lecture tomorrow and the day after. No, this is not the actual teaching at UP Manila. I am invited tot alk about comics and editorial cartoons. I lost count on how many times I did this. I am quite at ease when it comes to talking about these things.

But I can’t blog long. The partner is here! Addie has been here since the 14th and I squat at his hotel room. Thank goodness for his new job, even though he is based in the Visayas, he occasionally gets called for meetings, seminars, trainings in Manila. So, I am quite disconnected from blogging these days.

I met his officemates and I envy him. He has the greatest collection of officemates. They’re all friendly, great to be with. I thought I could not relate to the guys but I am chummy with them. And I met this fabulous new friend who I told him inspired me to do a comics story that will be published in this indie comics collection hopefully. His officemates seem to be more of a barkada (group of friends) than coworkers.

I met his boss and I am proud to say that I charmed her. She and I spoke of cakes! How domestic and gluttony-leaning of me. hahaha. I am very happy for Addie that he has this work and he seems so driven…more than usual. So, I have to be a nice miltary wife and applaud from behind. Of course, there have been difficulties here and there but we cope. Recently a disaster happened which I do not care to wrtie about. It’s all fixed now.


Addie said that if I got a job in an ad agency found in the same building his company is located, his boss will make him visit Manila frequently. But, I opted for the severely-low paying no-frills teaching position at UP MAnila. But Addie was very VERY happy for me. He said that I make a cute professor. I told him I have to get me one of those hideous records noteboook and wear clunky shoes and a Miss Tapia stern stare at class. hhahaha. I’m glad he is happy that I decided to upgrade my career by downgrading cubicle ambition.

My sisters even threatened of sitting in one of my classes once they arrive in the Philippines! OH HELL NO!!!!! No way will I allow that! I’d shriek! I want my classes to have a friendly informal affair. I want discussions and not just note-taking. Addie’s officemate asked me if I plan to have a field trip. She joined in a field trip back in her Humanities 2 class that went up north in Ilocos to look at the Agustinian Churches which seemed to mushroom in their landscape. Addie said that his Hum 2 teacher made them go to a depressed area in the metro and asked them to write a story about a person they saw there. Wow. Social-Political realism! Oh where will I take my students? I haven’t even given the requirements to UP Manila and here I am fretting on my class syllabus.

My concern right now is: shall I have a haircut? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! THE PRIORITIES!!!!! I usually sport short or cropped hair because this is the only thing that the military and i agree on: I like the clean look. But the last haircut I had was early last December. And my hair may be thinning but it is still a formidable mass of unruly wavy locks. I mean I wouldn’t want to look like this in class:


Now, that is a terror professor.

But I do want to sport long hair for the first time in my life. The longest time I went through without having a haircut is over three months. Come April, I will beat that record.

Of course I know a good teacher is not equated with his/her hairdo. But I do not want to look like a stereotype low pay teacher. I am too fabulous for that! hahaha. I am still coming up with my lesson plans.

I am fortunate that I am given ample time to prepare. My friend who teaches in UP Manila got a week to prepare. I have more than that. I will meet up with him to discuss the life of a lowly college instructor. He will give me tips and notes on how to deal with students.

Hey, every bit of advice helps. Thanks to Blas and Bridget for assuring me of this decision to be a teacher.

Can’t stop the flood, bitches.



  1. girl!!!! i have an idea! go for Julia Roberts in “Mona Lisa Smile”! Hahahahahaha! shucks i could just imagine you in a beret and heavy winter clothes! charos! hahahahaha! susme. basta costume is important. be yourself, dahlin. if i were in your shoes, i’d always be unpredictable. That’s how you’ll get the attention of your students. they will look forward to every class. i have this thing i did when i was faced with the challenge of teaching the physiological basis of behavior and make it interesting and experiential. but details of this kagagahan will be best told in person–with re-enactment, bakla! hahahahaha! oh, god! i miss teaching. basta, mare ha? let’s do dinner one of these days. let’s chika about teaching. hugs! 🙂

  2. Chong, you look good bald…but keep the whiskers. You look cute that way. But then I am partial to baldies. Hehehe. Anyway, basta cute ka naman so I vote that you keep the look. You don’t have to go bald really, just show off your fabulously shaped head.

  3. panalo ateng if you have that hair and you’re wearing your african goddess shirt. malamang di makakapagsalita ang mga students mo from the shock. hahahaha. good luck ateng! I wish i had professors as cool as you. 🙂

  4. nice hairdooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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