Posted by: nastypen | March 12, 2007

An Idiotic World

I just had my laugh therapy.

I just watched the DVD of Idiocracy (no major spoilers here) starring Luke Wilson and Maya Rudolph. The film is directed by Mike Judge, the genius behind the iconic Beavis and Butthead.

Idiocracy….a friend of mine noted this could be the name of our government.  I think it was shown here but I wasn’t able to catch it, ergo, off to my friendly neighborhood pirate.

This movie is a science fiction and satire of what happens when a society panders to pimp slang/culture and deified blonde bimboes whose every sentence contains the words “Like” and “Y’know.” What happens? Everyone becomes dumb.

Is the spaced out “uhhh” even a word? It surely is present in a lot of people right now and this movie was originally titled “United States of Uhhh-merica.”

I love you, Luke

So, Luke Wilson is an ordinary joe and Maya Rudolph is a hooker handpicked by the American military to be cryogenically frozen for a year. Something happened and that year became 500 years.

Everyone thinks the future is better with a higher level of intelligence and smarter machines. Not this one. Mike Judge’s vision of the future is when people do not know how to grow crops because they’re too stupid. As one critic hilariously noted “Dumb-ass dystopia.”

And the President of the United States is a wrestling champion with words of wisdom like, “Shit. I know shit’s bad right now, with all that starving bullshit, and the dust storms, and we are running out of french fries and burrito covers. But I got a solution.”

uh….ok……Here’s the head of state:

Hey, it's Cris's Dad!

Hey, it’s the dad from Everybody hates Chris! Love the hair! I mentioned this guy is a wresling champ, right? Not the Greco-Roman type, it’s the fake-slam-your-face-with-a-chair-type-of-wrestling. And this guy’s complete name has “Mountain Dew.” Oh, he’s a porn star, too.


That president is popular and he roused the crowd by singing and dancing and making impossible promises. He openly cavorts with women and drinks and acts like a buffoon. Now, why does that sound somewhat familiar? Oh isn’t this type elected a few years back? This should be screend to the voters in this year’s election.

Easy Rider!?!?!?

Why did this happen? Mike Judge’s vision came from smart people not breeding and dumb people are humping about like rabbits powered by amphetamines. It does not help that people (Well, Americans, in case of this movie) are enslaved to giant cars destroying each other in a ring, and reality TV is king. In the future, the Oscar goes to a movie named “Ass.” Pretty scary stuff, if you ask me.

The last time I laughed so hard was when I watched Borat, which, by the way made use of America’s ignorance and other cultural trappings. This movie received great reviews but it did not have the backing of a great marketing machinery so it fell dead on the box office. Some speculated that Americans will not get the joke or some will be rubbed the wrong way.

This is satire, not really a brilliant one, but a portent if we continue to magnify this, like, y’know, dumbing down of culture.

So, Wilson’s character becomes the smartest person on earth. And he is asked to be part of the government. This is D-uh Cabinet of the future Uhhh-merica:

D-uh Cabinet

(From the left) Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Education, Secretary of Energy and the Attorney General (?!?!) They all wear blings to connote their status in society. Yup. “Evolution” increased pimps, thugs, morons and hos in the future….just like cockroaches who withstand the nuclear fallout.

I’m sorry. I really found this movie funny. Because the possibilities are all too real.


uhhmmmm, part 2

Spelling is sacrificed in the future. Well, it’s happening now, ryt? Looks like proofreaders and editors are out of a job in the future.

Think about it. You wake up and you’re the smartest person on earth not because you gained knowledge but everyone lost theirs. This is scarier than a nuclear winter in Twilight Zone.

Even the act of reading is considered a “fag” act. How hilarious! Isn’t this why jocks generally ridicule guys who excel academically as fags? Well, this movie could be the future thanks to the influx of such moronifications.

This is one of the bits that made me laugh:

Ambidextrous guys are lucky

Ladies and gents, the masturbation network. “Keepin’ Uhh-merica ‘batin for 300 years!”

This movie is pretty much a funny reaction to present-day modern society drunk in instant gratifications. The most popular TV show in the future is “Ow, My Balls!” in which this guy’s balls gets hit. Very reality TV-esque. This movie made reminded me of a survey done in Filipino children…you know we are one of the top countries that watch TV?…and reading is seen as an act imposed by the cruel teacher. Well, here you go, keep on not reading. Don’t take your studies seriously. Adore these pop stars who forget to wear their underwear. Act like a thug because it’s cool. Watch movies made around love teams. Idolize people who hit other people for a living. Make scandalous people who contribute essentially nothing to society popular thus make them endorse more products. Fund the military more than education! Go ahead!

This could be your future.

If this is the future, I’m so glad I’m dead by then.


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