Posted by: nastypen | March 9, 2007

Firsts in the Last Year of My 20s

So, yesterday I received a flurry of text messages from well-wishers on my birthday. Some of them left messages in this blog, some called, some IM’d, others emailed.

Thanks, guys.

So, this is the first birthday of mine to be unemployed. So, it was the first time ever that I slept thourgh half of my birthday only to occasionally go to the bathroom, answer some texts, check some blog messages. I got out of the bed after 1pm. It felt great to sleep deeply on one’s birthday. People say I should have fun on my big day. I did! I slept soundly! That to me is great fun.

For the first time, I did not wear red. I wore a green sports jersey!

For the first time, I did not eat spaghetti on my birthday. I opted for healthy Vietnamese noodle dish and vegetable meals.

I went to mass for the first time in a loooooong time. Yes, me at a mass. I did not burst into flames. But I only stayed until the Gospel. I did this to please my pious mother.

So, I watched my first movie in my 29th year “Notes on a Scandal.” Love it.
I’m glad I chose this to be my first movie this year.

I watched “300” on the last day of my 28th year. Thought it was indulgent (slow motion sequences dominated the film) and it did not look like a historical film, more like a violent video game which really panders to the desired demographic. It was homophobic with the Spartan king Leonidas spurning Athenians as “Boy-lovers.” The guy next to me laughed like it was the funniest thing he heard in his life. Sad. Uh….weren’t Spartan soldiers encouraged to take lovers from the ranks to increase camaraderie? And the way Xerxes was portrayed in the graphic novel and the film adaptation! Wasn’t the historical Xerxes a thouroughly conniving, bloodthirsty tyrant with ample military strategy? Why was he made like he was a bald Rupaul with the gayest curtain of trinkets for a cape? his entire outfit belongs to an S&M bar! GOLD EYESHADOW? thick kohl eyeliner? Perpetually arched burnt sienna eyebrows? gold-flecked lipstick? Was this Cher? So, despite the buff bodies of the Spartans and Gerard Butler, I do not like the film much to watch it again.

But I’ll watch “Notes on a Scandal” again. Judi Dench and CateBlanchett in a lesbianic emotional upheavals and manipulation!!! Such a joy to watch two of my most favorite intelligent and capable actress go at each other’s throats. I like the calculating character of an embittered but opportunistic hag like Dench’s character. The script also helped a lot for me to love this movie.

My favorite line in the film is “Judas had the dignity to hang himself, but only according to Matthew, the most sentimental of the apostles.”


For the first time EVER in my life, only one greeted me in person. It was Den, my sister’s fiance, who met up with me. I realized as I was walking with him to the restaurant that he is the first and only one to greet me in person. This felt weird. I guess for the first time, I am all alone in the Manila whereas my sisters are scatterd in Asia, my mom in the Middle East, my partner is in Mindanao working. I had no officemates to greet me in person.

I did not find this sad. I thought it was weird. And I smiled at the circumstance. I thought good thing for the connectivity brought by mobile phones and the internet, people still electronically sent their warmth to me albeit not in person. Just think had this been in the early 80s and only one person greeted me a happy birthday, that would seriously give me a case of introspection.

I just ate till I wanted to puke. At least it’s healthy food. hahahaha.

Before I usually turn on the television’s music channels and watch “My first video of the year.” I don’t do that anymore. I do not want to start my year with a Fergie video. I thought nothing of the first music video until I saw the latest from Nine Inch Nails.

Ladies and gentlemen, my first music video for my 29th year, Nine Inch NailsSurvivalism:


This video and song adds to the list on why the lead singer Trent Reznor can sexually assault me anytime. I like him so much more with his hair cropped like that. I don’t know if this video will be shown in MTV Asia. Singapore wouldn’t want a boy-butt-sex scene in their monitors. Perhaps, it’ll be censored. But I like the video. It’s the closest thing to George Orwell‘s novel 1984. And the lyrics!

Hypnotic sound of sirens
Echoing through the street

The cocking of the rifles
The marching of the feet
You see your world on fire
Don’t try to act surprised
We did just what you told us
Lost our faith along the way and found ourselves believing your lies

Check out the rest of the lyrics here. I love it when songs are politicized and have substance. This beats singing about heartaches and ejaculations spewed by a profit and market-driven music industry.

What a way to start my year, eh? “Survivalism.” That’s a great ring for my last year in the 20s.

Not a bad start indeed.



  1. Happy Happy Happy Birthday Chong!

    I miss you and everybody. work is taking so much of my time and i can;t wait until my toil is over, 11 months to go!!! enjoy your vacation : )

    don’t miss ruffa and gretchen later on the Buzz. sana we can meet again with kato and everybody ^^

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