Posted by: nastypen | March 6, 2007

Birthday Gift to Myself

It’s not yet my birthday but I decided to give myself a present.

For the first time this millennium I painted on canvas.

An officemate gave me a canvas in 1999. I’d just started to work then.  My father just died.  He said I should paint again.  He gave an old canvas of his when he was a student in the 80s!  this canvas is pretty old.  I sketched something on it then left it in a corner. FOR YEARS.

Finally, I decided to paint again.

This painting took me three days to finish. It is, ultimately, an exercise of patience for me because of the details involved. I used acrylic.

The painting is a bit big, ergo I took a shot of it with my mobile camera phone. So, sorry for the shoddy quality.  the original size is 10″ x 24.”

My details are inspired from Aborigine art of Australia, patterns found in the Indian subcontinent and the face painting of the Yakan, an indegenous group in the Philippines.  The painting is called “Love Made Us Gods.”

love made us gods

I feel exhuasted after painting this.  this painting will be in my room.  I won’t give this away nor sell it.  I’ll just take a look at it to remind me what matters in my life.

Tomorrow, I’ll buy some more canvas. I hope my painter friend can teach me how to “stretch and mount” my own canvas, becuase I do yearn to make big paintings…like more than 5 feet in parameter.

It’s very uplifting that I accomplish this just in time for my aging day.  hahaha.  As if.

It’s nice to do art again.  I hope I can do more substantial art.



  1. O_O AMAZING. 😐

  2. It’s really beautiful. I’m glad to know you are painting again.

  3. Wow!!!

    This is more like it. This is what you are meant to do. I love it so much! Can I commission you to do a painting?

    National Artist material ka. Hands down.

  4. This looks great! 😀

  5. The majesty of truth is a blessing, may you continue to seek it. Happy birthday!

  6. I’ve just been to the wedding site. Then I found this. It’s so beautiful!

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