Posted by: nastypen | March 5, 2007

Tunnel Vision v.2

I took up my dusty paint brushes again. I haven’t painted anything in a long time.

So, one day, I was weary and wanted to plunge into the darkest of moods. If I didn’t stand up and saw my old paintbrushes and art materials, I would have done something desperate…like text brigade my negativity. Thankfully, art saved me from that would-be regret.

I saw a pad for watercolor I bought last year thinking I will paint again. It was sitting underneath a pile of books. I yanked it out and thought what will I paint.

Watercolor is not my strongest suit nor my favorite medium. But, I’m up for a challenge. Just for kicks, I decided to do my self-portrait. I got my sister’s mirror and saw the horrific visage of mine. My hair puffed a good four inches from lying on the bed, my eyes were shot from the lack of sleep and overflow of anxiety.

Here it is:

Portrait of a dishevelled dreamer that lost to pragmatism

I did this painting in less than ten minutes. I look haggard here, no? I love it. I captured the exhaustion and the cautionary glance. hahaha.  My elder sister loves it.  “You got your nose!” she exclaimed.  Well, that’s my dad’s nose and I love my bulbous nose. hahha!

Then, I saw this old canvas given to me by a former officemate. I got that canvas in 1999. Yes, 1999. The 20th Century. I did a sketch on that canvas then. But I just virtually ignored it till I just decided to pry it away from the corner and finally paint on it.  That sketch is older than my godchildren.  My goodness.

I’m taking a break from painting and decided to blog and surf for a bit.  My boxers have paint splatters all over them and my fingers are in different shades of blue.  I am smiling from this personal art experience.

I told my sister who I am chatting with right now that I decided to paint again to do a series of exercises of patience and she agrees.  I am so impatient that it is sad.  The painting I’m doing right now is acrylic and highly detailed.  So, patience is a must.

I’m recovering and I’m glad.  So, now, back to painting.



  1. The eyes are so familiar. They look like Marj’s, your dad’s, and yours. This is beautiful. 🙂

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