Posted by: nastypen | March 3, 2007

From Seedy to Glitz

Last Friday, after the book launch, I along with friends Ian, Blas and Nemcy, decided to go to have a food trip.

I suggested that we go eat at Wah Sun in Sta Cruz, Manila. I wrote about this restaurant last year in my previous blog.

They have never been there, so it was great that I introduce them to this restaurant that could be one of Manila’s best kept secrets. I first went to this restaurant when I was working at the newspaper years ago.

I always take my friends there to have a food trip that is surprisingly cheap and filling. So, we left the high society of greenbelt 3, piled into Ian’s car and off we went.

On the way there, I pointed out the country’s first fountain, where the sailors prayed before they were sent off to Acapulco during the Spanish Colonial period, why this place is called Carriedo and such. I was channeling my docent self without even asking for payment. hahahah.

Anyway, so we reached Wah sun and we were greeted by Bacon, the potbellied pig at the door and we went up the second floor where it seems, it became a bigger zoo than a restaurant.

Ian, Blas and Nemcy were quite surprised at the quantity of the servings. they are pretty big and you get your money’s worth. Sure, the aircon may be wheezing and the table cloths may have been there since the Ninoy Aquino assassination, but you cannot deny the quality AND quantity of the great food there.

Thanks, Blas, for the pics, courtesy of your new phone/dildo Freddy:


Nemcy posing with the worst designed menu in the metro. But, check out the food:

This set isn't even complete!

The food was overflowing like crazy. and the bill? Blas paid less than 200 for his rice topping me meal, the three of us divided for our food (meal and two SMALL orders of rice) for about 350 Pesos. AND we weren’t able to finish our food, too. So, we even had a huge doggy bag of left overs.

Sorry, we were too busy wolfing down the food and trying not to give in to gluttony that we were not able to take more photos of our glorious carb fest.

Last time I was here, this was a wall, now it’s a bleeding aviary:

Sing for me, birdies....

One can only speculate the reasons why these animals are here. Not part of the menu, I’m sure. I mean, how will you eat an albino python, anyway? Yes, they have that as well as tanks of expensive arrowana fish.

Here’s Ian posing at a landmark nextdoor of the restaurant:


He likes that tag name “The King of Screw.” He fancies himself to be one. Will just take his word for it. hahahahah. Ian loved thefood so much, he brought his boyfriend and his friend to the restaurant a couple of days later.

Then Ian said he’ll take us to Serendra in Fort Bonifacio and treat us to the best cupcakes in the metro. He said we should celebrate because I just had a book out. That’s what my life is all about, looking for reasons to celebrate.

On the way to the other side of the metro, from the seedy streets of Sta. Cruz, to the pavements of the well-heeled in Fort Bonifacio, we were singing JJ Fad‘s Supersonic song as well as dancing to fergie’s guilty pleasure album. Oh, yes, This party comprised of three queers and a fag hag, so you could just imagine us scaring the pedestrians with our b-boy moves and laughter.

I have not yet gone to Serendra. I hear it’s quite fancy ergo all the more reason for me not to set foot there. but since the cupcakes are on Ian…..

We went to the Cupcakes shop and Ian said it was one of the gayest stores in the country, thanks to the interior design. Ladies and gentlemen, Exhibit A on the allegations of gayness:

I love the colors!!!!

Whoa….I practically am part of the color scheme eh? hhahahah I love the 50s america diner look sprinkled with pastel wallpapers. I could feel myself turning white and blonde with my poodle print poof skirt and bobby socks clutching my Frank Sinatra album.


aspirations in life.....

Yes, Nemcy, we all want to be hostesses at ojne point in our lives, right? Right?!?!?

Well, I always wanted to bea beauty queen. Here’s my crown. Love the tips, hearts!!!!

Representing the pearl of the orient and people power!!!!

And I got myself a mint cupcake which is a sin to look at and a bigger sin to gobble up, but hey, I’m a sinner. So there.


At the end, we were so full, as evidenced in our pictorial…ladies and gents, the Philippine version of Wild Hogs?!?!?

Work it!!! Drop it like it's hot!!!

I’m kidding!! we’re fabulous and full figured!!!! I love you, friends. Hahgahahah.

But this is my most favorite shot of the night:

Why does my reflection show...????

Winner…..I’m so housewife-y in this pic. It’s scary.

Check out my newly-set-up photo blog PICTOGASM.



  1. Wow, 2 years na rin ako nde pa uli nakapunta dyan :).The table set looks the very same then, and looking at the servings, i bet it still yummy the same. Craving…

  2. Yummy cupcakes! Can we go back there… sa Serendra and Wah Sun and eat again? But when that time comes… dapat buong araw tayong di kumain đŸ˜‰

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