Posted by: nastypen | March 1, 2007

Brooke Shields Almost Reunites the Eraserheads

Wait. Wait. The title will make sense as you read on.

Yesterday was the book launch for the Tikman ang Langit, an anthology about the Eraserheads (touted to be the last great Filipino band). It was held at 3pm (Why so early?) at the Powerbooks store in Greenbelt. Of course, I was so excited to be there because I’m part of the anthology and it’s my first book launching. So yey!

The Anticipating Crowd

These people eagerly await performance and perhaps a reunion.

It was a small affair but with an incessant buzz. Will the Eraserheads unite to perform during the launch? The organizers keep on egging everyone it’s a launch not a reunion. But you can see the eager anticipation from the crowd, twirling heads looking for the members of the band, flitters of gossip here and there.

The launch was a success. Free food, great music and there was “almost a reunion” of the Eraserheads.

Almost. Because Ely Buendia, the band’s lead singer did not show up.

Or as Melvin Calimag, the guy responsible for this anthology, told me that Ely was at the doctor for a check-up.

The rest of the Eraserheads band came and played some sets and it was enough for those who dropped by. I heard a whisper in the corner that this is “historic.”


Melvin Calimag, left, is joined by one of the book’s contributors Jing Garcia with (as what Jing calls) green Star trek-like drinks. Garcia’s piece has several interesting anecdotes and photos, he even included some old forms filled out by the band a decade or so ago. Ok, this is your cue to buy the book.

I asked Melvin Calimag some weeks ago how he came upon the idea of collecting essays about the Eraserheads. Melvin stared in space for a bit to recollect his thoughts. He then recounted one night of insomnia. He wanted to read something. He thought of the Eraserheads and realized there is not a book about this great band. Having this embryonic idea in his head, he turns on the television and it was the Oprah Winfrey show.

Oprah was interviewing Brooke Shields for her book recounting her post-partum depression after giving birth. The title of the book is Down Came the Rain. When Melvin heard of the book title, he thought it has a nice ring to it. A ping moment, people! It dawned on him a title so magnificent…..”Tikman ang Langit” (Taste the Heaven, the literal and my clumsy translation) and he decided it was a great title for the anthology.

Melvin finished his explanation with a shrug, a smile and a “Wala lang. Pero ok diba? Down Came the Rain kasi!” (But it’s ok right? It’s because of Down Came the Rain!)

Seriously. that’s what Melvin told Faye and I.

We were dumbfounded for a couple of seconds. We laughed at the situation that from Brooke Shields’s depression came two books: her memoir telling that she wanted to kill her daughter and this anthology. Because of this anthology, there was an “almost a reunion” of the Eraserheads. Lordy, the things that connect us in our life!

So, Eraserheads fans, please thank Brooke Shields, too, for inspiring the book editor at the right place and at the right time. Of course, I didn’t mention this to anyone during the launch, we were too busy enjoying anticipating the moment when the three Eraserheads band members, Marcus Adorno, Buddy Zabala and Raimund Marasigan played together for the first time in years.

It was great that I arrived just in time for Marcus Adoro‘s set. I looked around and I saw all these people with wide smiles and frozen arms holding a mobile phone as if they are capturing a deity’s presence. I won’t recount the songs and the performance because I’m sure there are blogs there who will do a better job.

What I was thinking when I situated myself almost right in front of Marcus, thus creating an eclipse at the people behind me is that I like his tattoos. This guy’s cult status is cool. I hear that he gave up the Manila life and is a surfer dude somewhere up north. Whoa.


Lab ko tatu moh!

This here is Marcus Adoro. Are you as cool as him? I’m sure as hell not. This is my absolute favortie shot I took for the event.

I wanted to know what shampoo he uses because his hair has a fine yet subtle sheen for a straight man reportedly to surf under the sun. See my priorities? hahaha. Take my word for it, his set was great. I’m sure there will be youtube videos of that.

I have a couple of my own in my multiply site. Watch them here and here. Enjoy them and my apologies if they are abruptly cut and the audio is not ideal. I am not rich and don’t have a snazzy video camera.

A set by Cambio consisting of Sugarfree frontman Ebe Dancel was there and performed with Kris Gorra-Dancel with Marasigan and Zabala. Check out the videos here and here.


Don't disrupt

Buddy Zabala, left, and Raimund Marasigan concentrate.


Kris Gorra-Dancel sings. Love the hair. I wouldn’t pull that off. I’d look like the brunette version of Bruce Vilanch. Love your outfit. Love your voice.


Divisoria is performed by Diego Mapa.

The time came when the band performed the Eraserheads hit Magasin and Marcus Adoro joined the session. Sorry, I couldn’t get a video for that one. It was pointless anyway, the crowd surge with arms raised with mobile phones aimed like periscopes. I know there will be youtube clips for that one in due time.

I could see others glance back. Perhaps they are hoping Ely Buendia will show up? Ick…if that happened that would be too GMA Supershow but I could imagine it will throw the otherwise quiet bookstore into a screaming frenzy.

Nope. Ely didn’t show up. Please.

There were people who rushed into the already compact crowd. I just wanted to stand back and enjoy the moment and it felt like the safe times I had in the 90s all over again. I was smiling as the audience sang in and hooted and swayed.

And it was over. The crowd went wild and they wanted more.

But it was over. Just over.



Raimund Marasigan is mobbed and he has his visor on obscuring his eyes from the calcified grins of fans.

The band packed up and everyone scampered for autographs. The people piled up in front of the Eraserheads bandmembers who were off to in their separate gigs. One quipped at the crowd, “shouldn’t we ask the writers’ autographs, too?”

Nah. I don’t mind. I was busy attacking the celery sticks in one corner. Mmmm. Surrounded by books and free celery sticks, for a moment, I was in heaven.

Can’t stop the flood, bitches.



  1. Oh my God!

    Marcus Adoro looks like Apocalypto’s Rudy Youngblood!


    I have priorities, too.

    But I think Buddy has that schoolboy cuteness.

  2. Diva…

    I think Marcus uses Mane ‘n Tail.

    Tee hee.

  3. Ang galing talaga! Yes, I was also enjoying the vegetable sticks! But I missed taking a video of three playing…sigh.

  4. “Tikman Ang Langit” is also the title or hook lyric to the ‘heads one foray into commercial raket territory, when they wrote a song for Burger Machine (back when BM was still relevant).

    If I’m not mistaken, it’s included in their ‘Bananatype’ EP, and Sugarfree also covered it in the Ultraelectromagneticjam tribute album 🙂

  5. […] here’s an interesting take (and photos) from one of the book’s contributing writers, Chong Ardivilla. Chong also reveals the story behind the book’s title (No, it’s not from the Burger […]

  6. […] The word is out. People are buying the book. And people, including contributing writer Chong Ardivilla, are blogging about it. See this video of Cambio performing live during the […]

  7. from the pictures of you that i’ve seen here, i now understand why you wrote that essay in that book. hahahaha.

  8. And of course, while all these happens, I was still travelling via MRT…


  9. pare, St. Ive’s yun pink!

  10. Chong,

    Do you remember me, Jet Magbanua formerly of Manila Standard? Had I known about this book and that you were part of it I would have contributed my essay that won in jam88.3’s Ultraelectromagneticjam Essay Contest in late 2005. If you are looking for some materials for the 2nd book please inform me, isali mo kung papasa sa iyo. Send me a go so I can send it.


  11. my email address: or

  12. Jet, do contact the book publishers for a “possible” book 2, I’m just a contributor in this anthology. 🙂 good luck.

  13. para sa kin ok na lahat ng setup, c ely lng kc pa cute pa, d naman cya c john lennon, actually d cya dapat ang totoong rock icon, dapat sa kanya itapon na lng sa recycle bin! at d na rin dapat i-restore, wala kc pakisama sa fans d nya alam unti-unti n cya pinapatay ng ng pagiging matigas nya. yun ang totoong ibig sabihin ng rock icon.
    idol ko cya dati ngayn, parang ayoko na ata, gaguhan na e. gud luck s 3 members ng eheadz. nakaka bilib kau mga pare. salamat sa inyo
    kahit papano d kau pekeng bato.

  14. howdy chong! 🙂 jing (gaddi) here. sayang, hindi ako nakadalo nung launch. melvin even called me up then. but unfortunately, i was holed-up at the UP college of law attending mandatory continuing legal education (MCLE) for lawyers. the MCLE’s a money-making scheme by the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) where lawyers attend required classes concerning different aspects of the law. it’s a bitch, actually — a boring one at that. the lawyers don’t even listen. you’re just there to comply with the requirement. if you don’t, you’re license gets suspended. oh well, at least the food was excellent (for 7k, it should be, dammit). sana may book tour or soomething, hehehehe.

  15. Doctor Mark M. – April 7, 2007

    Eraserheads i sthe best ever pop band in the philippines, i remember when i was still studying in college ( FEU morayta ) i never miss out even one gig / mini concert of the group. I love them and its awesome to hear news like this it makes me reminisce those sweet moments during their era. I am working here in Maldives now and when i go home that book will be one of my priority. Thanks

  16. 😦 talagang nakakamiss na ang eheads, i really wish na sana pagbigyan na ni Ely ang fans ang buuin uli ang band

  17. m so fed up waiting for this “make-believe reunion”…this will only be realized if the two (ely & raymund) will swallow their fu**in’ prides…you obviously dont love ur fans…ur so selfish…

  18. […] other “book” news: Since I was part of the Eraserheads anthology, people were asking if the reunion of that band is true.  Apparently it is true.  No, I […]

  19. don’t you guys worry fellow heads die hard fans, pagbibigyan na tau ni ely on aug 30! sana makanood kayong lahat… i hope i can be able to watch sayang kaso lilipad na ko before the reunion concert. inoud nyo na lang ako ha!! buddy, raimund, marcus, at syempre ely, hope that there will be a next el bimbo!

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