Posted by: nastypen | February 28, 2007

Scanning and Remembering

In about eight days, it’ll be my birthday. No, I have no plans to have a party. I stopped giving parties years ago because I realized it was pointless and costly, two of the most deadly combinations on earth.

But, I’m not thinking about my birthday, I’m thinking of all those years that went by. I’m scanning old photographs for my sister’s wedding site.

Also, Jher told his blogfriends to scan old photos of our high school days. I can’t seem to find my stash, most probably because they’re in Cebu, but I do have my old yearbook photo. This was taken when we graduated from elementary and about to be freshmen in high school, so that may count right?

Here it is:

Pang-obituary ba ito?

Can you see the sparkle in my eyes? they’re gone now. Hahahaha. I like the texture of that photograph, it looks like it belongs to the 50s! Who would have thought that kid really liked listening to Nirvana‘s Smells Like Teen Spirit?

Wait, I saw an old pic of mine when I was in high school in Canada (long story), here’s the family relishing in the North American winter:

I miss snow.

La Familia amidst the snowy landscape of an Ottawan suburb. Oh, Canada! We look like a family of Mongolian ewoks hehehehe…No, I am not the one with the hot pink pants, that’s my fag hag sister, I’m the one looking all butch like at the extreme left. I love those winter boots of mine, very Paul Bunyan. ….but look at my Burberry scarf….I predated at least ten years before this hip hop generation made it passe.

I saw some old pics of my elder sister and I. I scanned them and smile at the innocent times we had. I’m still looking for my pics with my younger sister.

But here are a couple of pics of my elder sister and I at the onset of the 80s. Ahhh look how easily I smiled then!

This is perhaps the only time in my life that I wear an almost-all-white-ensemble:

blanc en vogue!

Of course, I should be coordinated, all white with accents of red strategically placed around the look! But contrary to the typical young homosexual stories, I never yearned to wear my sister’s nor my mother’s clothes. Perhaps, because I had a fab collection in the first place? No, I thought what my sister was wearing is hot…cute…but hot.

This is me with my sister near this vacant lot with goats. I remember this day. I actually went in the grass with the goats so I could look at their kids. My mom screamed that I might get all sorts of germs and pests. The sun was shining but it wasn’t hot. I was just nearing three years old. I remember giggling as I neared the goats. Of course, I didn’t realize they might butt me, but they didn’t. I was happiest when I am with animals. I thought I would be a vet. But the dissection table in second year high school killed that dream.

princesses of the suburbian wild?

Check out my pinky finger! Up and about! And just a single-digit age at that too. My dad would have been so proud to see this blossoming.

And check out how the mom and son are color-coordinated!


Now, you see where I get my love for prints? Fab mom, fab son? I actually love what I wore. It works! this is something Kylie Minogue would have worn in a video. Love my top! Love the shorts! No way on earth will I pull this off ever again.

There are some more pics but I will have to upload them in my sister’s wedding site soon. All these pictures of yesterday make me feel that pushing 29 was a great ride after all.

Can’t stop the flood, bitches.



  1. grabe chong! gwapo ka nung bata pa lalo na nung wala ka pang balbas at bigote. ang cute talaga kapag nakikita mo ang mga old piks. Happy Birthday CHONG!

  2. Heehee. This is so cute! I told you before you don’t look like the women in your family. But in some of these photos, you look so much like your Ate and vice-versa. In other photos, you’re more fabulous than all of the women in your family put together. Tapos I was looking for a photo with your beard and ‘stache and I find it on your Dad’s fez! Buti you didn’t burn these.

  3. amalia fuentes? hahahahahaha! namiss kitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

  4. […] I hope everyone participates in this wonderful and fun idea of my husband, Jher.  The Diva, Nastypen, gets the “early bird” award.  (enjoy the bird, dahlin. […]

  5. The pinky finger… THE PINKY FINGER!!!!!

    Hihihi :p

    Signs… signs… SIGNS!!!

  6. so fabulous dahling!! bakit ba usong uso yung nag papapicture dati na ang background ay kotse?! hahahaha!

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