Posted by: nastypen | February 25, 2007

Tunnel Vision v.1

I turned off the television. Nothing good was on. It’s just a mishmash of stupidities on local showbiz personalities. And once is enough for me. I have had my fill of news from the BBC or CNN. If I leave the TV on, I will become catatonic.

There are explosive revelations of this or that showbiz celeb. Whatevs.

I’m still in pain thanks to the gout. And the meds given to me I have to stop taking them because it is churning my tummy. So, I guess, suffer more. Well, at least, tomorrow, I have no intention of going to the gym and just watch the Oscars.

Pity that the Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros did not win the Independent Spirit Award for Best Foreign Film. Well, I knonw one thing for sure, that “You Got Me” movie won’t be nominated in that same category. Why the big film outfits in this country think that the audience is a pool of blathering idiots works for them, they churn out shit machines like this movie. I don’t even have to watch this film to note that there will be doe-eyed scenes between the stars, a slap across the face, a pout, and some stunts, and the requisite love triangle storyline.

Bitch, please.

Thank goodness for small mercies. If I didn’t have other passions, I’d be watching all this parade of idiots with gusto.  Yeah, but these idiots make more money than I do.  So….

Anyhoo, if you guys have time to read some comix, then please, do.

Well, I started to hone my skills with tunnel vision and uploaded some short stories in comics format. Check them out here.

These are one-page comics on vignettes I have witnessed in transit. I try to exercise my narrative “skills” by occasionally giving myself a limitation of telling my story in just one page.

I promise you there will be no idiots telling you to watch their movie “kasi kikiligin kayo.



  1. Well, at times the “kilig” part makes some people “happy”. I, for one, is a hopeless romantic… I do need to watch some movies with such effect. But after college days, I do watch “chosen” movies which I think is a “kilig” movie A-L-O-N-E.

    Let’s be thankful that we are not part of the “masa” but we are not part of the elite force, since we are not as rich as Paris Hilton. But then again, let me remind you that being elite and rich means you have taste. Believe me Dahlin’, I have encountered people as clients which thinks their ideas are good and has taste well in fact are not. Swallowed our pride in bitterness than be not paid at all.

    Rest in that break you are having. May be God made you suffer with that gout of yours for you to stop, rest and think… AND do your ART that you have been dreaming to do.

    Now, get your brushes, dip them in your oils and paint the world!!! 😉

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