Posted by: nastypen | February 24, 2007

Wedding Preparations

Last night, my future brother-in-law dropped by the pad to lend me his family photos. I am currently working on my sister and her would-be husband’s wedding site. I’ll link it up in March 5. I even have a blog there. I call it “The Other Maid of Honor Speaks.”

Whoa. Weddings are terrifyingly stressful. And we barely began the preparations. I have to study Avedon, my new camera, because I’m the designated photographer. I have to scan at least three dozen photos for the website. thanks to my virtual girlfriend who lent me her scanner.

My sister and I spoke on Skype for more than two hours. I should tweak this, I should correct that. Den, the would-be brother-in-law, sat on my bed to have a chat with her. Then Onyx the dog decides that she needed some attention and parked her face on his hip:

Den and Onyx

I think this picture is priceless. I sent it to my obviously stressed-out sister via email. I heard her scream and coo at the picture. “How big she is! She’s so pretty!” I can imagine when she has her kids. But I guess I’ll keep my distance during her pregnancy. I bet I’ll be joining her in one of her lamasse classes.

Well, my sister is off to mainland China for about ten days. She’ll be enjoying her break away from her Masters education at the University of Hong Kong. She’ll be taking the train with friends and I think that is fun.

I need to travel again. I should be able to do this considering I’m unemployed. Maybe I will. But Ihave less than two weeks to finish the wedding site, make an email announcement and send it to friends and family.

I just found one of our photo albums and I saw myself as a fagling and I looked so awkward, like a princess living in fear. hahahaha. Right. I don’t have my baby photos with me right now. Perhaps when I visit Cebu, I’ll look for them.

Right now, I’m so stressed. I see the pile of photos to be scanned and I feel like screaming. I’ll just hit the gym and work out this nervous energy away.  But I can’t.  I’m limping.  My right foot is in pain.  In the process of being healthy, my body is in detox mode and not to mention the stress I’m still suffering now and thus triggered my old friend, the gout.  Yeyness.


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