Posted by: nastypen | February 23, 2007

This is Why I Like Boxers Instead of Briefs


Ok, promise me you will load the video first before you play it. You have to watch this in full and without interruptions. Crank up you speakers and do not drink anything. Keep liquids away from the computer.

Ladies and gentlemen, the best thing Philippine Advertising has to offer:

Oh God, please let them make some more ads like this one.

Hindi na nagbe-bacon?!?!” WTF?!?!?!?

UPDATE:  This was a class project for a college course by some guys.  This wasn’t shown in the television.  I don’t think the ADBoard would have approved.  Anyhoo, I think these guys deserve an award. It’s brilliant.



  1. hahahahahahhahah! saan galing itoh? di ko pa to nakikita sa tv promise. baka playtime lang? hahahahahhahahahah

  2. class project ito….but winner divaaaa???? as in mega halakhak ang byuti koh…..

  3. my gawd. kung ako ang professor nila ilalagpak ko sila ora mismo. hahahaahahah

  4. hahahhaa… loved this ad! these students should win an award for being so incredibly bad it’s good! hyukhyukhyuk

  5. i miss my bacon briefs. hahahaha!

    thank heavens for boxers.

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