Posted by: nastypen | February 23, 2007

Have a Gay Weekend

I was trolling around the internet and I found this:

Oh Lordy, Diana Ross and her quest for muscles. I especially love the part when she is flying around in her white chemise. This video is campy and it shows why the 80s may have been the decade MTV was born, but great artistic videos made an appearance in the early 90s.

I just love the 80s. The time of neon colors and hedonism. I want muscles, indeed. Check out the lyrics:

She said she wants a man
To always understand
But that’s alright for her
Still it ain’t enough for me

Still, I don’t care if he’s young or old
(just make him beautiful)
I just want someone I can hold on to

I want muscles
All, all over his body
(make him strong enough from his head down to his toes)

uhm….aren’t muscles found throughout the body whether you’re physically fit or otherwise? I mean how can we move without muscles? Well, that’ another D-uh moment in the history of pop music.

I just love this because of Diana’s hair just upstaged the men’s sweaty muscles in the entire video.

But this is the ultimate gay homage to gym culture:

Nobody has made magenta leggings and electric blue bathing suit logical like Oliva Newton John. Lordy, Istill do not know what possessed her to go to the showers and flcik her head erotically as the water streamed down and she is still fully-clothed! Maybe, I’ll do that at the gym later? I still have to find magenta leggings though.

As a fagling in the 80s, I never understood why the hot muscular men held hands in the end and walked away from Olivia. Was it her hair?


Cant stop the flood, bitches.



  1. hahahahahahahahahahah *pants* hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. omg! yun lang. di kinaya ng powers ko ang magenta leggings. maybe she uses charmis after taking a shower? fresh! hahahahahahahahahaha

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