Posted by: nastypen | February 21, 2007

Disappearing Act

I took one of those online quizzes. I wanted to know which of the cast of the TV series Heroes I am most likely to be and I got this result:


Take the Heroes Test!

Great. I got the drunk who steals things due to his power of invisibility and does not really wash up. Seriously, this result is pretty accurate. I am a Misanthrope or someone who hates and mistrusts humankind? Well, I don’t bet so much on humanity if you ask me. We’re the only animals that kill for sport, accumulation, greed and revenge. Like I always say, I wish I was a plant, not needing anyone but the elements.

You have no idea on how much I just want to live on an island away from all of this. It’s just me and the beach and my art. That’s impossible, I know. When I was younger, I am absolutely happiest when I am left alone.

I don’t like group work because I end up doing everything. In the narrative filed, I’d rather be a comics artist because it is essentially a solitary endeavor. I have no confidence in the rest to follow through with my vision. This is why I decided to quit my job, also, I don’t like to be a part of a machine.

When it is my decision to interact, I do. Note that I DECIDE to interact. Well, that was then. Now, it’s like I’m expected to be the total entertainer or Miss Congeniality. My father knew me best when he proudly noted that I am quite selective of people to warm up to me, like a sniper selecting targets? hahahaha.

The result said that I have a “heart of gold.” I prefer it say that I’m a closet optimist.

Am I unhappy? Like all of you, I get my moods. But I feel that things will get better… but I always have a ready sneer at life.

So, I guess I “need” to be that hermit again. I have to tune out and work on my tunnel vision abilities. I used to have that single-minded determination. What happened? I don’t know. But I want to recover all those essential things that got lost along the way.

Ok, tunnel vision on…..



  1. Ganda ng show na toh, I get so affected. My favorite character’s Isaac…he’s my crush! I’m so sorry Peter Petrelli reminds me of Adam Sandler’s character in Little Nicky!

    Where’d you get the quiz? I wanna take it too. Haha.

  2. that rocks~! i want muscles! hahahahhaha

  3. And i am Niki/Jessica Sanders
    You scored 20 Idealism, 87 Nonconformity, 33 Nerdiness

    “Sometimes I look in the mirror and I’m not sure it’s me looking back.”
    Congratulations, you’re Niki and/or Jessica Sanders! You get the honor of being the one character who is, in fact, two people! You have an especially dynamic and unpredictable nature. While you may seem like a good, caring, hard-working person at first glance, you have one seriously badass side that can overcome you at any moment. Whenever this side of you comes out, there is no fight you can’t win, no obstacle you cannot overcome. Your best quality: Protective instincts — you will stop at nothing for the people you love Your worst quality: Violent tendencies — you will stop at nothing for the people you love

    yes, this is me, a schizo ass-kicking biatch… hahahaha!

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