Posted by: nastypen | February 20, 2007


I changed my blog’s look. I was getting tired of the old theme.

I even added some pages in this blog. I added an “Abou Me” page but called it La Diva Dossier. I also included a writeup about my comic strip Fringe Benefits Cafe just in case anyone is interested. Hah! yeah right…..

The header image is smaller now but I still like it that I can change it occasionally. I took this photo last year with my mobile phone when I accompanied my mother in this church somewhere. As she was praying for my soul, I explored the church. It was located near the swankiest subdivision for the rich in the entire country.

Of course, we don’t live there. It was the nearest church and we don’t want to be stuck in traffic. I checked out the rich man’s church and counted more than 20 high-powered airconditioning units, the ceiling fans are more than that. Apparently the rich does not like to perspire while worshipping.

I just took this photo of a corpulent and guilded part of a niche near the altar.

heavenly creatures

Why are the cherubs smiling? Because of the free aircon?

I used to draw cherubs a lot when I was younger. My cousin saw the doodles and commented if I was drawing a manananggal. I drew and drew and now am an artist. That cousin I have not spoken to nor seen in years and would like to continue not seeing nor speaking to him for at least a couple more decades.

He is somewhere in the south wiping the snot of his kid trying to justify to himself that he is leading a life that he has always wanted.

Where I am still in vacation mode….



  1. ahahaha cherubs=manananggal *lol* i’m guilty of being freaked out by cherubs too.. you know how come they are just heads with wings on each side, unless it’s a cherub smiley in yahoo messenger.

    glad to hear you’re enjoying your vacation! btw, chikkaminute… have you heard of kris and james? i feel so sorry for her!

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