Posted by: nastypen | February 19, 2007

People Who Remember Charmis Are Special People

Just a short, entry, my dearies, I’m still in vacation mode.

Recently, I met with fabulous blogfriends Bridget Jones and Jher. Fab. FAAAAAB. Fab couple, I tell you. We terrorized this Italian restaurant in Makati with our laughter. Bridget was channelling some diva moves when she whipped out a fan. It was goddamned warm in the resto filled with cackling ladies passing around an old yearbook and another fashion victim with a belt on her blouse screaming to be destroyed as her tummy got bigger as she wolfed down that pizza.

Bridget was wearing a fab yellow shirt with Tigger. Jher had a clean look of a shirt, but the choice of color: Whore red! FAB, DAHLING!!! The boyfriend looked like he was a student at a British Boarding School. I looked like a walking and talking tent with my orange African goddess shirt.

the lovely couple!!!!


how continental, my dear!

thanks for meeting us, you two! I really needed those conversations about Rita Avila’s dangling moment in Balete Drive! The beauty contests and miss gay pageants. I won’t forget that story of that white poofy gown! My favorite was that anecdote about Vilma Santos and the Bear Brand (BEYR BRAN!) commercial of the details I cannot divulge here because it is better to be demonstrated than read.And then the part when the entire restaurant just looked at our table: the talk on the 80s hair care. Aquanet and charmis! My goodness! Charmis!!!!! Aahahahahhaa. I had that, too! But just one bottle because my hair felt like it was a car tire after that! And the talk about shoulder pads and the look of the 80s which is making a comeback much to the chagrin of our generation. I mean, who would want to have tsunami hair, Paula Luz make-up, neon green leggings, and high-cut reebok shoes with rolled down socks? Hmmm….pay me enough and make me drink and I’ll gladly wear that ensemble.

Maybe one of these days, I’ll be as brave as Jher who represented India in full fab drag regalia. But, I’d like to be Miss Mongolia, except I don’t have the height! Fine!

Remember, “Mahirap i-achieve ang golden tan!”(It’s hard to achieve a golden tan)…now this is only understood if you are into the camp culture of the Filipino films!

Ok, here’s the Diva signing off for now and about to hit the relaxation circuit.

Can’t stop the flood, bitches.



  1. I have got to have that smile/smirk combo of mine fixed. Hideousness! Ugh. Anyway, we are soooooooooo privileged to meet the two of you dahlins. I havent been around fabulous people in awhile so having you in the same table with us is such a blast. I still owe you the VCD (that movie is so camp it doesnt even have a DVD copy noh? Hahahahah) dahlin, I will give your copy soon.

    Let’s go out again soon dear!

  2. […] fabulous Diva and Addie and we had tons of fun with these two fagulous people!  Please visit his blog for more details. Ang tamad ko […]

  3. dear i copied the photo from your blog ha. thanks! mwah!

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