Posted by: nastypen | February 15, 2007

“Spread the Love”

This is what I got from a friend and sent me this photo:


Is this for real? Is this Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby being more than friendly? Hey, in Indian culture, men often hold hands as a sign of friendship. Maybe both are from the Subcontinent?….It seems real but there are a lot of details that make this photo’s authenticity questionable.

Anyway, what this picture of these boys is trying to say is “Belated Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone!”

So, I’ll be taking a short vacation from blogging. See you next week.



  1. No way on Earth this photo is real. They’re close, but Sam and Piolo are only friends, and brothers in the Christian faith. That’s all.

  2. Whether or not the photo is real should not matter unless there’s something amiss. There’s nothing wrong with being gay. It’s only wrong when you take pains to hide it. That would be like living a lie. No matter how many “props” you have. The Christian faith deserves more respect that being used as a prop.

  3. Good point, Marmaduke. Having said that, I think Sam and Piolo also deserve people’s trust, at least enough trust for people to not assume they have something to hide.

  4. marmaduke – amen to that brother/sister!

  5. They have nothing to hide because what they are is no secret anyway.

  6. its not real, there are 2 other people in that photo, there was rica and another person in there, ~_~ saw it in teh news

  7. […] really, I thought nothing of that picture depite the fact that there are people who still comment on my entry ages ago. I don’t care if the photo’s real or not. But, here comes Toni Gonzaga who looked […]

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