Posted by: nastypen | February 13, 2007

Just What We Need….

Manny Pacquiao has just announced that he will be running for Congress. So, what will he do? Spar with corrupt officials? An officemate just said, “Ang daming beses na alog ulo niya. Kaya nya pa kaya mag-isip?” (He’s brain has been jarred in several bouts. Can he still think straight?) I’m betting he will sing in campaigns and give out free magic sing microphones.

Richard Gomez had a teary farewell to announce that he will be running for the Senate. I’m guessing he might propose a law saying that anyone who says that his wife Lucy Torres is a kleptomaniac can be put in prison.

Why o why do we have such circus freaks in the government? Because we let them win. If we deserve the government that we have, what does that say that the Philippine nation gets a Lito Lapid and a Bong Revilla? Both of whom has had scant if not zilch impact in the Senate. Do we really deserve this? Remember Robert Jaworski? In the courts he made a difference, basketball courts, that is. Then there are those that are enamored by Miriam Defensor Santaigo‘s rants that essentially amount to nothing at all. Sure, she’s smart and an achiever, but she’s all soundbite and even quibbles…remember her with a gun? That is the portrait of a civil servant here in the Philippines. Don’t make me start with all those political dynasties that made the nation a part of their family ventures.

Why are we relegated in choosing always the lesser evil? He may be a known womaniser and a lout, but we have had so many bad things happen from intelligent leaders, let’s go pick the uneducated one!

God! I don’t blame people who don’t like to vote anynmore. I mean with what happened to the legal way of finding out if GMA cheated or not was unceremoniously scrapped, voters’ confidence have slumped, really. What’s the point of voting when my vote can be arbitrarily used for cheating?

And now the senate lineups are announced! What the? What kind of lineup that consists of political turncoats? Is this a joke? Well, the Filipino disease of amnesia will make these douche bags win.

There are those who say that voting is a right and that those who vote should be the ones to be critical of the government. Riiiight. I pay taxes. Even when I resign, I will pay taxes with my business. I am forever a taxpayer. Votes don’t give the public school teachers and government officials their salary, my taxes do. You think the pork barrel in congress came from heaven? Bitch, please, they came from my salary, my purchases, your salary, your purchases.

Votes give us moron candidates with power. Votes make these buffoons win and play with the taxes forcibly collected from my wallet. So, this is why I look at taxpayers with more respect than voters.

No, I won’t vote, simply because we have a roster of laughable candidates and a predictable outcome. It’ll be an exercise of futility for me. The past elections have turned me into a defeatist in the political reality of this country where voters can be bought by money and entranced by shows with singing actors and dancing starlets; that the issues at hand that need to be addressed have become FAR LESSER than an afterthought in the political process.

We don’t have a government. We have a zoo. And it stinks more than the real kind of zoo.

—Update and Edited—

SOSHAL!! I was linked by the “Explainer” Manuel Quezon III and castigated me for choosing not to vote! (Not so) little ol’ me in his blog, I’m quite honored despite the fact I was whipped by him. ahahahah. My sister said “political participation is none the more manifested than in exercising your right to suffrage.” Oha deep!…and, yes I agree to that, but that will not make me vote this year. Sa totoo lang, ayaw kong bumoto kasi mainit sa Mayo at ayaw ko mangitim! hahahah pababaw nang pababaw rason koh!

Of course, Mr. Quezon jumped the gun and did not note that it is my disdain for the circus-style elction campaign prevalent in our society that ultimately killed my desire to vote. I’m for the issues and not the personality, which is most cases the former is ignored in the time of media blitz elections. So, I don’t bewail the fact that people chose the Revillas, the Lapids. What I bemoan is that these people, the Lapids and the Revillas et al., had nothing substantial to say in the first place and yet they won.

Anyhoo, I’ll just use the words of Bertrand Russel: “Having been well-fed, the aristocratic rebel looks for other sources of discontent.”

So, vote wisely, if you choose to vote at all……



  1. […] February 13th, 2007 Remember my rant about this coming elections? Not surprisingly, my favorite diva will not vote as well. That’s great bitch, we should recruit more people to our cause. I love this part: […]

  2. I have never voted and don’t intend to do so unless Father Tropa comes back with his spaceship. Nyahahaha.

  3. of course if no one can convince you to vote, it’s their fault for failing to communicate in a way that convinces you. the link was because my personal view is that one must always vote on both personalities and issues, it’s unhealthy to ignore one and concentrate on the other. 🙂

  4. […] evens out. Worse, from comments here and there that I hear, the middle class instinct seems to be, to throw in the towel and informally boycott the elections: which will not affect the outcome, but places them firmly […]

  5. Hey, mlq3! thanks for the interesting points you brought out. I tend to agree with your proactive stance however, as my sister pointed out “he (MLQ3) makes sense but really you are both on the same side except one is afflicted with malaise the other with cautious optimism.” I’m guessing you are not the one afflicted by malaise hahahahahahah

  6. “Cautious optimism” and “Malaise”? Good grief! It’s like a linguistic land mine in here!!!!

  7. Good gravy! Your hits must be going through the roof, Diva! Work it, beeyotch!

  8. Revolutions can be started from one’s bed. Non-participation could very well be the most revolutionary form of protest these days. Pero wait lang, where na ba is Father Tropa?

    Diva, I am not voting because after the first EDSA, I lost faith in the system. Nevertheless, I don’t complain when the idiots elected to office make kaltas on my paltry freelance sweldo (15% off every check I make to be exact). That’s duty enough for me. I don’t have faith in our system anymore but I do have faith on the people who do honest work despite the platry sum and the horrible condition we are in.

    This is, after all, a country where the train system gets struck by lightning four times! Now I don’t think the people who built it were dumb, probably just freaking greedy. Teka, where in the world is Father Tropa?

  9. I have never voted.

  10. the main reason i vote is to NOT have my name used by a flying voter. i just cross out the entire ballot. unless i wanted someone to win… which is verrrrrrry rare.

  11. Manny Pacquiao says:

    “Lahat ng magugulo sa kongreso, jojombagin ko!”

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