Posted by: nastypen | February 12, 2007

Diva, For The Win!

I love badminton. It’s the earliest sporting activity I could remember, not counting chasing around the dogs. Growing up, there is a pair of badminton rackets hanging in one of the rooms in Cebu. They have grown battered.

But it was in high school that I grew to really love badminton. The racket I still use is more than 13 years old now. My dad bought that for me becasue he knew that basketball to me is a pointless sport. I never saw the fun in running after a ball riddled with grime and sweat from the other players only to have my face smashed in by a stinky and wet armpit. So, no basketball for me.

I’ve been playing badminton way before it latched itself on to the great chunk of the middle class. However, let me point out that I play for fun and not competition. these are two different animals. Fun is when I irritate or dumbfound the opponent with my boy band moves (Faye, I hate you for making me remeber Code Red‘s What Good is a Heart dance moves….so cheesy! I used to dance it in front of my sister while she’s busy studying her law books just to get her reaction of utter disgust. thanks to MTV Asia’s massive taste deterioration, they introcduced the youth stupidities such as this slew of boybands). Competition is when my little sister plays with her boyfriend in doubles tournament. My little sister wants to have fun, but having fun does not mean winning the game. The boyfriend growls at her “Pagtarung ba!” (Take this seriously!) Scolding and pressure just take the wind out of this game for us. My elder sister would scream at her opponents “Don’t make me run!”

So, fun can be found in the word “function” which is the premise of a badminton game. Evethough I have been playing badminton for years, this does not mean I’m quite good.

I semi-suck.

Are you ready???

Notice that as I was about to serve, the pinky must be curled up! I may be sweaty and breathing hard like a woman in labor but that does not mean I forget the basics of elegance!

Yesterday was the first time I played badminton in YEARS! I was a bit rusty, ladies and gentlemen, exhibit A:

the eye!  the eye!!!!

I thought when I changed jobs it would mean that I could play more, but of course that didn’t happen. So, it was great to play again. the boyfriend and I played for more than two hours and it was a great workout. Me, heaving my three tons of blubber around chasing after a shuttlecock is a sight to behold.

I hate it when the boyfriend makes me jump to hit the shuttlecock. He would laugh as I raise my hand thus raising the shirt and exposing my belly do a Homer Simpson…you know the jelly movement of the tummy.

I hate drop shots so much…


But I do love my neon orange shoes. They’re fab, don’t you think. It’s like I’m Ronald McDonald‘s obese cousin let loose in the fries department. Again, pinky up!  Maroon shorts, green argyle socks and with a violet racket with yellow strings!  Clash of the Titans, anyone?

The one thing I truly detest about badminton is that you need a partner to play the game. And I need a partner that understands I don’t do this for boosting my ego with points. I need a partner that can volley with me for some minutes and appreciate the gossip I impart as we rest for a bit.

That’s why I enjoy swimming. Now if only there are clean bodies of water in Manila and the fact that I don’t have to take off my shirt is a requisite makes swimming here hard. So, back to badminton.

This is going to hurt, kids, don’t try this at home:


What’s a beached whale doing at a badminton court? That’s just the diva diving for the win. Again, pinky up. And you can’t see them, but my toes curled from happiness of playing again.

Can’t stop the flood, bitches.



  1. Love the photos!

  2. bakla, naloka ako sa katatawa sa mga photos! i feel challenged though. prepare for the ultimate clash with the true diva…

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