Posted by: nastypen | February 10, 2007

Gerard Butler’s Filipino Connection

Allow me to geek out.

I can’t wait for this movie! 300 will be shown by my birthday next month and I want 300 hot Spartans in my birthday party. Hahaha. I love the graphic novel by Frank Miller. Bought it and read it way before I have been salivating over the promo pics since last year. I love you, Gerard Butler. You’re the only reason why I endured Joel Schummacer‘s hideous Phantom of the Opera. Hahahaha I can’t wait to see you in a leather loin cloth.

I <heart> Spartans

And he mentions Filipinos albeit sparingly, but Filipinos figured substantially in the production of 300:

Has it been primarily weight training or fight training?

When you train with the stunt guys, it’s learning your sword and shield, which I’ve used before, but these guys have a very specific technique which is kind of Filipino influenced. It really works in terms of the Spartan warriors because it’s not that different.

Read the rest of the article here, no more mention of us Pinoys, but still….I can’t wait for the battle scenes.

Could it be arnis? Hollywood is making the “rapid arms” combat that flourished in the Philippines so popular. Lucy Liu trained with arnis instructors for her Kill Bill vol. 1 role. Matt Damon did it with the BourneIdentity series. Keri Russel and Tom Cruise did an “Arnis dance” in Mission Impossible III.

I have always wanted to learn arnis. I enlisted it for PE back in UP Diliman, but then the schedule was in conflict with a major subject. I hated having to give it up for stupid Social Dance, although the PE teacher there always picked me as a partner. I guess I am adept to the cotillion. hahahaha. but I have a feeling I’m great with handling …shafts and rods. hahahahah


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