Posted by: nastypen | February 9, 2007

Today is My Last Friday as an Employee

I can’t get over it. This time next week, I’ll be unemployed. Frankly, it hasn’t sunk in that much that the routine I am accustomed to for years will cease to have importance and significance.

Faye gave me a cool notebook yesterday. I wasn’t expecting that. she said it’s for the ideas I have. I should list them down. Hahaha. I’m too lazy to do that but maybe I should change that.

But I am grateful and touched. Faye thinks I should develop my writing skill. This is why I blog almost at a daily basis. I’m exercising the written word, y’all. I would like to develop a graphic novel that is something I would read. So, no monsters, no giant robots and no pre-teen girls in mini skirts with magical powers. Just a good clean narrative.

Somthing like this…this, by the way won at the recent Angouleme The top prize winners are Ruppert & Mulot. Angouleme in France is a place in love with comics. Every year, they hold this great comcis festival that is like a comic convention for the literary-inclined, while the more popular San Diego comic convention is MOSTLY for the fan boys, geeks in suits and superhero comics nerds. I like the narrative structure of this piece. I find the “clash of civilizations” track daunting and necessary…and I’m not talking about weaponry. Read this piece and see for yourself the interaction between the “civilized” and the “savage.” Click the picture to read the rest of the translated excerpt:

The Pharoahs of Egpyt

I hope I can do a story as substantial as this. Now, I hope I have discipline enough to follow through with my dreams and aspirations. The notebook Faye gave me will remind me. hahaha

Well, as I am about to be unemployed, the boyfriend becomes gainfully employed! The boyfriend recently flew in from Cebu for a final job interview. He is now co-opted in one of the world’s largest multinational companies. I’m so happy for him, since he’s a Capricorn who defines happiness with stability. You can’t be any more stable with a company worth billions of dollars. I urged him that we celebrate in some fancy fish place.

He even wore a necktie with a Windsor knot…or as my late father told me “The Atenean Law School knot” who terrorized me to master when I was in high school. aaaawwwww….how cute:

Fish, anyone?

Although the prices of the food were hardly cute…hahaha. Well, I didn’t even finish the fries. The boyfriend’s neighbor was spotted outside. The boyfriend rushed out to do a manly thing: say hi with a handshake. The neighbor asked if I was a new officemate. “No, he’s my boyfriend.” You should have seen the neighbor’s face. It’s like he won the Miss Universe: wide smile, eyes glaring with disbelief. And the neighbor pointed at me with the same face as if I was an orangutan in a zoo. Good thing the food was great or else I would done something deplorable with a fork.

So, now the boyfriend starts weeks of training…I call it indoctrination. And I will be sans job. I joked that I will become a desperate housewife. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s me at the realization of becoming a desperate housewife:

suicidal????  oh hell nooooo


I was telling him of the scenario of me ending up as a housewife, wearing an ill-fitting tube top and all with pink curlers, one on my bangs, two on each side of the head, with remnants of St. Ives mudpack on my quivering cheeks, waiting and fuming for the husband to return from work. I would start screaming the minute he arrives at 11:47pm, “Where were you? I called Anylette Jane your secretary and she said you left your work early today! I slaved at the kitchen for you to have a good time with your friends?!?! What is this?!?!? Ketchup?? Blood??? Lipstick?!?!?! WHO IS SHE!?!?!?” this is the moment I grab hold of the tie and glower at the husband, “What do you take me for?!!? I AM NOT STUPID! What is the name of that girl? Is she the reason why the electricity almost got disconnected?!?!” This is the point when the husband tries to shush me and point at the neighbors and I retaliate, “I DON’T CARE WHAT THEY THINK! The neighbors are stupid! I am not!!! I hate you! This….” I storm off to the room and make rattling sounds “THIS!!! This is the reason why you’re acting like this!” I throw his copies of FHM magazines to the floor. I take out my aquanet hairspray and lighter and burn his stash of girly magazines and scream “This is what I think of you and your girl!!!!” This is the point when Onyx the labrador starts howling and I burst into tears and scream in between heaving sobs, “I could have been a prima ballerina you know!! But I married you!!! And you’re doing this to meeeee!!!!! youmudderpackershet!!!!”

The boyfriend was staring at me as if I had leprosy the entire time I painted that scenario of marital bliss.

We decided to slum it at the mall for a bit. I didn’t want to go home and listen to my stupid neighbors wail with the karaoke. The boyfriend decided it was the time to fill in those heaps of forms the multinational company gave him. Tax, social security, height, weight, what no hobbies?

Forms, forms, forms!!!!

While the corporate guy fills up the forms and read the thick book on company rules and regulation, I just did my thing:

God bless comics therapy. hahahah. The boyfriend was satisfied that he got a job. I’m about to unravel taht I’m going to leave mine. But he said if I don’t like it why hang on any longer? True, I don’t want to be one of those people who hang on to the job because they have nowhere else to go. I met several of them in my former job and I do not like to be one of theme, with glazed eyes and with automaton movements, that one has to get a mistress to be alive, the other has to meddle in other people’s lives because she has none.

Wow. This time next week, I’ll finally recover my life back. I know I know I listed stuff to do on my first day, but my mind is racing like “Go back to Ilocos” or “Look for my snorkel gear and hie off to a beach”or “Go home to Cebu.” It’s like I have so many books that I want to read that I get all of them but won’t be able to finish one. So one step at a time.

So how about not doing anything as a first step on the road to recovery? Nah. That’ll be too hard for someone like me who gets bored in seconds. But wait, next Friday is still a bit far off. I know this Monday I shall be wearing my biggest Monday Smile ever.

This weekend is going to be great, I can feel it in my blubber.



  1. We shall always have Paris. Hehehe. (And, hey, your cutie pie boyfriend is a lefty! He just got cuter!)

  2. hahahahhaahha i could just imagine you with the curlers! dapat magsama kayo ni bridget, i can imagine him na naka daster (or is it duster?) hilarious!

  3. burning FHM magazines is on my to do list 🙂 congratulations to the boyfriend!

  4. Congrats to your boyfriend! He deserves it! Btw, when are you planning to do the museum escapade?

  5. we will be like Jewish matrons living in Queens. We’ll wait by the porch, we talk about our sexual deprivation brought about by our husbands not being able to perform because of a full day hunting for food. Oi.


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