Posted by: nastypen | February 6, 2007

In the Works

First things first.  I am lying.  I don’t have seven readers.  I have a bit more.  I started this blog in WordPress last October 2006, and I have about 7,000 hits already.  So, do the statistics analysis.  Of course, I don’t yearn to have the most number of readers.  Bitch, please.  I blog because I enjoy it.  It’s not as exhausting as masturbation.


I am excited. Freedom, I hope, shall be put to good use. I am anticipating more time to focus on things that matter to me. I’ll let you in a hint:

....This is the second coming.....

Well, that’s Adobe Illustrator program which I am slowly liking and getting comfy with. As you can see, the platform I used is microsoft windows. This is one thing I will definitely not miss, being chained to a PC. I do this octopus thing in breaks for leverage for my sanity in the cubicle.

I am also working on my sister’s wedding site.  It is not yet done so I have not included the link here.  there are some requests form the bride and the bridegroom (it’s bridegroom and not just groom….a groom is a person who takes care of a horse and my sister is hardly the equine type) like I include this photo or that photo.  I have another blog there, too.  I should be a professional blogger.  Ahahahaha.

Well, I blog there because my sister made me her SPIRITUAL Maid of Honor.   My little sister is theMaid of Honor, but since she is not here in the Philippines, I do the grunt work.  I shall be my sister’s punching bag as well as the “consultant” or more accurately, the utusan.  My sister said I should just work as a wedding coordinator because I’m more fabulous and an imperious no-nonsense bitch and I like doing events.  I mean whenever there’s a get together with friends, I plan out the damn thing.  Furthermore, I can out-godzuilla the bridezilla.

Anyway, who would have thought that a wedding is a tough gig.  Details.  Details.  Details.  To think my sister wants a simple weding.  When my turn arrives, I want some drag queens for a choir and circus freaks and my barong will have a fur-lined cowl.

At home, I’m teaching onyx to sashay for her walking down the aisle performance in the wedding.  the little bitch would rather bang her heavy bone on my toes.  Hmmmph…I guess Onyx will be incapable of wearing angel wings for the wedding.

I wake up in the middle of the night lately and I stare at the stuff in my room.  I could hear an anticipation from the blank canvas, the decade-old boxes of unused art materials, the books to be finished, and I am not overwhelmed.  I just need patience to deal with them as I recuperate from the rat race of pointlessness which I inflicted myself throughout my adult life.

And I easily go back to sleep.



  1. Wow, pretty soon you’ll have plenty of time to do a lot of things like badminton matches at shaft 77 or somewhere. hehehe

  2. I really can feel the anticipation of that freedom. Happiness is felt even transported through my monitor Ü

    I always remember one thing that you said every time I rant and be envious to you and other “people”… that it is I who should MAKE time… for anything I want to do.

    One step at a time… one step at a time…


  3. yay! welcome to the world of vector illustration! i love illustrator myself though it lacks the warmth of manual illustration. cheers!

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